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By: Georgia Mouyis  11-11-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Change Management, Talent Management

Service Offerings

1. Talent Acquisition

Should you have a staffing requirement and would like to recruit individuals who have been thoroughly screened in terms of cognitive ability, personality and credentials then you need to call this practice. Having been trained in behavioural dynamics, Georgia has the edge and a well developed instinct in determining whether people will be right for a job, a specific organizational culture or role. The recruiting model ranges from temporary staffing to contractors to permanent staff.

In addition, a post placement programme is offered to candidates that have been placed at one of my clients. This programme consists of frequent follow ups, a personal development plan and individualized coaching. Research shows that when individuals enter a new environment the personalized attention, which managers often can't provide due to time constraints, decreases intention to turnover and therefore increases retention.

2. Assessment

The key to informed decision making is knowing what you are in for and what the associated risks are. Assessments can offer a dashboard view of the strengths and weaknesses of any individual or team. This practice is licensed and registered to use a wide variety of psychological assessment tools and methodologies. This means that as clients you have the opportunity to choose from a number of different assessment types . These types include but are not limited to:

•  Personality, Interest, Motivational and cognitive assessments

•  Simulation exercises

•  Competency based interviews

Assessments can be used for

•  Career development

•  Individual and Team development

•  Recruitment and Selection

•  Psycho Legal assessments

The assessments that are used are both scientifically validated and grounded and very much in line with international best practice.

3. Human Resources

Strategy development and alignment

Often the connection between the human resource function and the organisation is vague and ambiguous. By implementing strategies to align the two Human Resource practitioners can add value to the bottom line by reducing staff turnover and managing the intellectual capital.

HR Outsourcing

Often small-medium sized organizations do not have the luxury of an HR Manager even though there is a need. This practice can provide you with HR manager, consultants and administrators to fill the gap. This will allow you to focus on those strategic issues and core business requirements. This service offers you a HR specialist on a full time, flexi time or hourly basis.

HR Audits

Often the HR function in any organisation is so overwhelmed by the day to day activities that sight is lost of the requirements from regulatory bodies. An HR Audit is an in-depth review of Human Resources policies and practices. It looks for the legal "must-haves" to ensure that a company is compliant under legislative and regulatory respects. In addition, it looks for good business practices.

Competency and role mapping

Competencies include the collection of success factors necessary for achieving important results in a specific job or work role in a particular organisation. Success factors are combinations of knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSA's) that are described in terms of specific behaviors, and are demonstrated by superior performers in those jobs or work roles.

By mapping the required competencies for specific roles in an organisation, one streamlines the recruitment process by targeting individuals with the exact KSA's that are required to perform a job. This saves time and money and temperate the chances of making wrong decisions.

4. Change Management and Culture

Change Management

Any change (technological, procedural or cultural) involves the movement from a current state to a future, different, and hopefully improved state. Organisational change involves not only the structures, processes , systems, policies of the organisation , but also and most importantly, the people within the organisation .

By introducing change management to organisational changes, the transition between the current and future states is likely to be less disruptive therefore limiting “injuries”.

It is recognised that change is situational in nature and an approach that may work within one organisation may be entirely unsuitable for another. In light of this, a partnering approach with clients is adopted in order to enable the development and implementation of a tailor-made change management approach.


Culture is a prevailing ingredient of an organisation's success as it is the platform for profit, productivity and progress. If an organization is not perceived to be have the “right culture” all of the elements mentioned are impacted. However, if an organisation is seen to be an “Employer of choice”, “The place to be” success is eminent. This practice provides leading-edge organizational assessment diagnostic and culture change services to assess and enhance the existing culture. For a list of the type of diagnostics that can be provided, please call me.

5. Talent Management and enhancement

To survive and prosper in today's competitive environment, people must continually develop their skills and bring new and creative offerings to the table.

This practice offers a number of talent management interventions, each customized to meet your requirements. These interventions include but are not limited to:

•  Leadership Development

•  Soft skills training ( Time management, presentation skills, Emotional Intelligence, Team work, meeting skills, Negotiation and many ,more)

•  Mentoring and coaching

•  Neuro Linguistic Programming

•  Team performance management

As a way of assessing and nurturing the skills/talent level in your organization, a variety of personlised interventions are on offer. Please contact me for more details that will meet you specific needs.

Keywords: Change Management, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management