GeneCopoeia: Precursor microRNA (miRNA) Expression Plasmids

By: Genecopoeia  11-11-2011

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding single stranded RNA molecules found in eukaryotic organisms. They are highly conserved and usually 21-23 nucleotides in length. miRNAs are involved in almost all cellular functions and regulate gene expression by binding to the 3' untranslated regions (3' UTRs) of targeted mRNAs. Irregularities in miRNA-regulated gene expression have been found to be associated with cancers, cardiovascular disorders and a variety of other diseases.

GeneCopoeia offers miExpress precursor miRNA expression clones in lentiviral and non-viral vectors with eGFP reporter gene. Hairpin precursor miRNA of approximately 150 nucleotides is cloned into lentiviral or non-viral vectors for delivery in virtually all cell types.

Precursor miRNA vector features


Reporter gene

Selection marker



eGFP Neomycin FIV FIV based for transduction into difficult to target cells
eGFP Puromycin Mammalian Mammalian vector for transient or stable transfection into commonly used cell types
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