Gelli Baff

By: Gelli Baff  11-11-2011

Now Gelli Baff is not just confined to bathtime fun! - Just 5g of Gelli Play creates 1 litre of Goo & endless fun The CDU comes with a mixture of different colours

Each box contains 40g of Gelli Baff (Goo Former) plus the Goo Dissolver needed to ensure it washes away easily.

Gelli Baff in a bowl/sink – Gelli Play

In early 2009 a counter top ‘fun pack’ was launched. A small amount of Gelli Baff, rebranded as Gelli Play, is now available and is ideal to be used in a sink or bowl.

Gelli Play contains 40g of stage 1 (goo maker) plus dissolver. Just 5g turns 1 litre of water into glorious goo.

Gelli Play is designed to last until you add the dissolver, so no matter how many young hands have been in the product, it will remain in the same state even towards the end of the day/week!