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By: Gara  11-11-2011
Keywords: Carbon Fibre, Reducing Weight, Fibre Manufacturing

The Gara brand brings you the latest in high compression carbon fibre manufacturing to ensure the processing of your paddles are in line with the latest methods of reducing weight while increasing strength. Each paddle blade weighs in at 260 grams, while being able to withstand up to 1.5 tons of linear pressure. This means a complete paddle set weighs in at under 750 grams.

"I wasn't convinced of the Gara manufacturing process until I was asked to drive over a Gara paddle blade with my motor vehicle. After doing so I found the paddle structurally intact and still usable. I was thoroughly convinced from that moment that Gara Racing Paddles provide the best strength in any paddle blade on the market."

~ Terry Warren

Gara Racing Paddles are currently available with the following paddle blades:

All paddle blades are currently available with a glass fibre or 40% carbon fibre shaft. The GP4 is available with a round or 40% oval shaft for better grip. All paddle sets are available as a single piece set or with a 10cm lightweight adjustable shaft. A full carbon fibre shaft is available on request.

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