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By: Funambol  11-11-2011
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The leading mobile cloud PIM sync solution for mobile phones, tablets, PCs and connected devices, powered by SyncML and open source

Funambol mobile cloud PIM sync is an industrial-strength solution that syncs PIM data (contacts, calendars, tasks and notes) on a wide range of mobile phones and connected devices. The PIM data is kept in sync with a synchronization server in the cloud, where people can use an internet browser to view and edit their PIM data via an AJAX web portal. PIM data can be automatically kept in sync with enterprise software such as Outlook on PCs, or with consumer systems such as Gmail and Facebook.

Funambol mobile cloud PIM sync is based on the OMA DS (SyncML) standard that is built into more than one billion mobile phones. It is also built on open source that provides several benefits, including the greatest device compatibility, flexibility, risk reduction and value. Funambol mobile cloud PIM sync is based on Carrier Edition, the commercial version of Funambol that is scalable for tens of millions of users. It has been adopted by many of the leading companies in the mobile industry as the basis for a wide range of innovative wireless services. For more information, explore our other mobile cloud solutions via the menu to the left, or check out the following.

Keywords: Mobile Phones

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Although it is possible to receive source code for proprietary solutions, the difference with open source software such as Funambol is that the software has been designed, coded and documented from its onset to be used by a broad community of technical people.


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ICloud has created a major market opportunity for mobile service providers to offer their own cloud digital locker that stores and syncs user data and content. Apple promises that iCloud will 'just work' to make users' lives better by allowing them to transparently access their data and media across any Apple device.