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By: Powrwheel  11-11-2011
Keywords: Caravan, Single Axle

Don’t forget, buying a PowrTouch gives you the following peace of mind.

  • Manufacturers Nationwide Guarantee – 5 years parts and labour.
  • Fully backed DIY fit, with easy to understand fitting instructions and a 5 year Guarantee supported by our dedicated technical support team.
  • Dedicated models suitable for Single axle, Twin axle and 4-wheel drive.
  • Unbeatable prices with our Price match Guarantee.
  • ISO 9001:200 Approved.
  • Dedicated research and development resulting in a 'Quality of Life' product.

However please be aware of newcomers, one has appeared within the industry with a competitive price, but our research shows the following:

  • Reduced 2 year warranty – with no dedicated technical support.
  • Manufacturers warranty is only valid if fitted by an authorised dealer.
  • Advice is not to fit (DIY) as the 2 year warranty doe not extend to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).
  • Not recommended for twin axle caravans.

Move your caravan simply with a touch of a button. The PowrTouch changes your caravan from a heavy dead weight into an easily manoeuvrable mobile home.

The PowrTouch utilises two 12 volt motors with reduction gearboxes that can be driven independently to provide maximum manoeuvrability. The motors are mounted on a strong, lightweight metal framework that clamps to the caravan chassis. The fitting of the PowrTouch to the caravan does NOT require any welding or drilling of the chassis making fitting simple. The caravan tyres are driven by a locking cam system that requires just a small turn of a wheel brace spanner (supplied); this locates the friction drive rollers to the caravan tyres.

The caravan movement is controlled remotely by a small handset. By simply pressing one of the clearly labelled buttons on the handset the caravan can be moved in any direction and turned on its own axis, if required (single axle only). A unique soft start allows the caravan to manoeuvre very accurately before full speed is achieved. Braking is completely automatic and occurs immediately the finger is removed from the selected button.


  • Works on wet or uneven terrain.
  • Palm sized, lightweight, handheld remote controller.
  • Compact design offering better ground clearance.
  • Soft start - Less stress to the chassis, giving complete, fluent control to the operator enabling effortless parking in those tight situations.
  • Unique 2 button safety control to activate the system.
  • Braking occurs immediately your finger is released from the operating buttons.
  • Automatic system shutdown - for added safety.
  • Additional back up lead should you experience any interference with radio controlled handset.
  • Easily removed if caravan upgraded.
  • Corrosive resistant materials are used, to aid refitting and durability.
  • An unique paint finish for longer life and durability, using a comprehensive surface preparation with 3 layers of epoxy enamel.
  • Adjustable motor positions.
  • Uses the existing caravan battery.
  • Easy DIY installation for the competent person.
  • 5 year no quibble guarantee.
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2000 quality standard.
PowrTouch Kit

The PowrTouch clamps directly to the caravan chassis so no drilling or welding is required and remains on the chassis at all times. The PowrTouch is operated from a remote control handset and again enables the caravan to be moved in all directions and swivel on its axis if necessary (single axle only).

With our extensive engineering know-how we are able to fit our PowrTouch mover to 'non-standard' chassis. We have successfully fitted to the following manufacturers caravans:

Whatever caravan you have we can probably fit our remote controlled PowrTouch to it. Contact us if you are unsure.

Keywords: Caravan, Single Axle