Relaxation and Brain programming CD’s:

Relaxation and Brain programming CD’s: from Shani Focus

By: Shani Focus  08-30-2010
Keywords: Personal Development, Psychology

 Relaxation and life skills CD’s    

1.   Think Slim. (Brain programming for sustained weight loss)Causes of overweight. (Perspectives and discussion)Developing a healthy self-love and a sense of inner worthMy ideal weight - goal settingHow to get the cooperation of the body and all the parts of the selfIncrease your metabolism through the imaginationCut the cords that bind you to being overweight

Tracks 2 – 6 all comprise relaxation exercises and practical techniques

2.    Set your life energy free (Self empowerment) • Fear. (Perspectives and discussion) • Release your fears • The willow tree for inner strength • Bereavement. (Perspectives and discussion) • Cutting the cords (Taking leave or cleansing a relationship) • Who am I? (Finding the core of your being) • Your inner treasure chamber (Experiencing the essence of your being)

Tracks 2,3, 5,6,and 7 comprise relaxation exercises as well as practical techniques.

The following CD’s have 2 tracks each and every track starts with a different relaxation exercise.   

3. Handling Depression. Use creative imagery to understand your depression and to communicate with it so that it loses its        grip over you and you can be in control of your life, instead of being controlled by depression. Track 2 consists of relaxation        and a creative transformation journey.   

4. The Bubble – Relaxation and brain programming. The bubble allows you to keep others’ emotional issues outside your        personal space, improve relationships, healthy assertiveness and sense of self-worth.  This CD is an important tool in        dealing with depression. Track 2: relaxation and self-motivation.   

5. Dolphin Adventure – Go on a transformation journey with a dolphin. By means of relaxation and imagery work through old        pain and make a new start.  Release long-held distressing feelings, memories and fears.   

6. The Tree – Relaxation, focus for better concentration, confidence, positive self-image, transformation of old pain.        

7. Baroque 1 Slow Baroque music specially compiled for concentration, accelerated learning and calm        
8. Baroque 2 More slow Baroque music for concentration, accelerated learning and calm

Keywords: Personal Development, Psychology