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Books: Self Improvement from Shani Focus

By: Shani Focus  08-30-2010
Keywords: Psychology

 Thank you Brain Afrikaans: Dankie Brein (First print 1990.  Last print 1996),was a best-seller in South Africa.  It comprises practical self-help techniquesfor.o       Better academic achievemento       Study skillso       Handling stresso       Self-motivationo       Confidence

The Brain Dance (Afrikaans: Die Dans van die Brein) (1995) An adventurous, mind-expanding journey to explore and develop the miraculous powers of the brain.

Die Breinboek vir Vroue en sommige mans (Afrikaans only, 1996) o       the differences between the brain of the male and female o       how these differences affect out relationships o       practical techniques to handle partner relationships better.

Die Kleur van Donkerte is lig  (Afrikaans only,(1998) o       Bringing light into the darkness of depression o       the value of emotional pain – light needs darkness to manifest itself o       how to change existing life patterns that feed depression o       techniques for being in control of your life instead of clinging to a victim-state

Gryp terug jou siel (Afrikaans only) (1999) The differences between spirit and soul o       the value of emotional pain to enrich your soul o       develop a softer, more forgiving eye towards the self o       take possession of your soul, instead of being a victim and feeling helpless

Think Light (Afrikaans:  Leef Ligter) (2003) o       brain programming for healthy, sustained weight loss – including a practical technique to increase your metabolism o       how to accept yourself and others o       how to forgive yourself and others o       develop a healthier love for yourself and others, thereby improving relationships o       how to live lighter, instead of being shackled by old pain o       practical techniques to achieve wholeness, balance and peace

 have for many decades been consulted by magazines to give my opinions about topical issues. These articles often include a practical technique specifically geared to overcoming the type of problem discussed.

Keywords: Psychology