BOOK: Foxy Focus The crafty way to instant focus and concentration By Shani Grové

BOOK: Foxy Focus The crafty way to instant focus and concentration By Shani Grové from Shani Focus

By: Shani Focus  08-30-2010
Keywords: Psychology, Study Skills

 Foxy FocusThe crafty way to instant focus and concentrationBy Shani Grové

Well known psychologist and South African author of self-help books Shani Grové has published a book on quick-fix techniques for concentration and focus. Readers know her as an author who offers practical, imaginative recipes to deal with a variety of life problems. Her books are based on scientific principles but are written in simple language which anyone can understand. Foxy Focus offers crafty techniques to achieve better results in your studies and work.

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• Are you stressed out? • Would you like to pass matric? • Do you want to improve your marks? • Do you want to get on better with people? • Is your concentration poor? • Does your mind wander too easily? • Do you feel that you are a victim? • Do you sometimes feel helpless and depressed?

Foxy Focus can make a huge difference in your life so that you can move towards being in positive control of your life. Did you know that you can instantly switch on the ideal state of mind to do anything better?  The recipes in Foxy Focus are simple and once you have taken a few minutes to read through a technique, you will never forget how to switch on the brain, especially as the book has plenty of illustrations that demonstrate the techniques. None of these switch-on techniques takes time.

Keywords: Psychology, Study Skills