Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By: Your Health Shop ( Vergottini's Health )  03-15-2013
Keywords: Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, candidainfeksie, chroniese moegheid-sindroom,

Candida over-growth and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can bothpresent with confusingly similar symptoms, such as long-term debilitatingmental and physical fatigue, headaches, food intolerance, joint and musclepain, and brain fog.

Other common symptoms which are much more specific to Candida include severePre-Menstrual Symptoms, depression, pain behind the breast bone, intolerance tostrong odours, dandruff, athlete’s foot, visual disturbances, oral or genitalthrush, an itchy anus and a feeling of bloating or flatulence.

The causes of Candida

However, there are certain conditions which allow the yeastorganisms to explode very quickly from a normally small population group intoan enormous domineering fungal overgrowth.


In my experience, the five major causes ofCandida overgrowth include:
1) Depletion of the gut’s friendly bacteria, sometimes caused by long-termantibiotic treatment or gastric infection 
2) A breakdown in the immune system, as in the case of M.E., chemotherapy orHIV 
3) Excess female hormones for example, as a result of multiple pregnancies,HRT, the Pill, during a pre-menstruation phase or the menopause 
4) High blood sugar levels caused either by a high sugar diet, stress ordiabetes 
5) Drug therapy – mainly antibiotics, steroids, hormone therapies, or immune-suppressivedrugs


Eight steps to a greater health

1)    Get the correct diagnosis

2)      Starve the Candida

3)      Take anti-fungal medications

4)       Heal the leaky gut

5)       Re-populate the gut with friendly bacteria

6)       Boost the immune system

7)       Detoxify the liver

8)       Aid the digestive process


A wordabout die-off
The bad news is that as the yeast dies, it releases its toxins into the bloodstream, which can leave you feeling like you have a bad hangover. This die-offperiod can last between three days and two weeks. However, if your liver andbowels are working at optimum, you will be able to get rid of the toxins morequickly, and with a careful treatment program, the die-off may even be avoided.This is one of the reasons why I always recommend seeking professional help ifyou want to tackle suspected Candida problems.

We are busy with study on this health condition, please contact us with questions or answers !!

Keywords: Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, candidainfeksie, chroniese moegheid-sindroom, gisselle, Maag swam,

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