Damscoop Models

By: Bpimplements  11-11-2011

Damscoop Models



DS 14/0.75

DS 14/1.5


Width of cut

kW required

Tyre size



  • Ruggedly construction for rough usage.
  • 1 1/2 ton axles removable.
  • Quick filling bucket - fast transport - quick dumping of material and return to repeat the operation.
  • Trip lever on scoop which is operated from the tractor driver's seat.
  • Spring loaded trip lever.
  • Bucket stops to spread material.
  • Minimum spillage loss during transport of material is achieved with the apron.
  • Width of cut is the same as the width of tractor.
  • Replaceable blade.
  • Cable to the upper hitching point, for better action of the apron.

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