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By: Staff Associates  11-11-2011
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Staff Associates is a dynamic Human Resources Consultancy.  Since 1984 we have serviced a client base that consists of small and large organisations, including blue chip companies.  Amongst others, we do work for:

·         Auto Niche                                                                          Gaudeo          

·         BAT                                                                                       Imperial Motor Holdings

·         Beefmaster                                                                          Interstate Buslines

·         Berco Indoor Gardens                                                        John Williams Motors

·         BFN Multi Franchise                                                            KPMG

·         Bloem Show                                                                        Medi-Clinic

·         Bloemfontein Repro Services                                            Meditas Spar

·         BSG                                                                                       MTN

·         Centlec                                                                                 Ned Bank Brokers

·         Central Nissan                                                                       OFM

·         Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein            Parexel

·         Checkers Hyper                                                                   Pellisier OK

·         Coca Cola Fortune                                                               Pick ‘N Pay      

·         Clover SA                                                                             Quintiles

·         Cold Chain                                                                           Rosepark Hospital

·         CTU Training                                                                        SAB Miller

·         Dairy Corporation                                                               Santam

·         Dawn Wing                                                                          SA Trust Brokers

·         Distell                                                                                   Sky Country butchery

·         DIY                                                                                        Sterling

·         Dr’s Voight & Partners                                                         SSI

·         FAL Financial Services                                                         VelaVke

·         Farmovs                                                                               Vodacom

·         Fruit and Veg City                                                               Von Wilfvling                                    

Services include:

·         Recruitment and Selection

·         Psychometric Testing (Thomas International, SHL and Psytech), Belbin and Meyer Briggs

·         Labour Relations

·         Training and Development


1.  Recruitment and Selection

Staff Associates follows a procedurally fair and non-discriminatory process when identifying the best possible candidates for any position.  To ensure that recruitment and selection decisions are consistent and accurate, our trained interviewers use a competency–based selection system.  Only job related (legal) information that reflects a candidate’s abilities and motivation are gathered.  Unique interviewing techniques help to avoid areas of inquiry that might violate employment regulations.

We observe and ensure compliance with all requirements and obligations as set out in the Labour Legislation of South Africa, inter alia, following:

  • Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998 (“SDA”);
  • Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998 (“EEA”);
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997 (“BCEA”);
  • Labour Relations Act, 1995 (“LRA”);
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 (“OHSA”);
  • Compensation for Occupational injuries and diseases Act no.130 of 1993 (“COIDA”);

1.1 Permanent Staff

We render a high quality personalised permanent recruitment service.  Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae’s specifying the validity date of a CV and containing the following standard details:

  • Full names and surname
  • Identity (ID) number/Passport number/Work Permit date and number
  • Permanent Residence
  • Details of current geographic location
  • Postal address details
  • Accurate details of qualifications

-       current studies

-       completed qualifications

-       incomplete/outstanding qualification/s

  • Continuous details of employment
  • Full details of roles and responsibilities
  • Credit check details
  • Two reference checks
  • Detailed package analysis of the candidate’s current earnings

A risk assessment is optional.  This includes:

  • ID document, work permit, permanent residence certificate etc.
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Academic Qualification
  • Driver’s license verification

1.2 Temporary Employment Services:

Staff Associates provide temporary employment services in the following fields:

  • Office Support
  • Secretarial
  • Financial
  • Supervisory

An extensive database of Temporary Staff who are interviewed and selected in exactly the same manner as Permanent Staff is available on short notice.  We ensure the verification of qualifications and thorough reference checks.

  • The administration and payment of temps are done on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • A confidentiality agreement is signed by our temps to safeguard information.
  • We ensure that Temps understand the nature of temporary assignments so that no expectation of permanent employment is created.
  • Employee benefits are administered and paid by Staff Associates
  • Payment of Temp fees negotiable.

1.3          Advert Response Handling

Staff Associates performs advert response-handling services to assist our customers with their personnel selection process.  This can be structured in a variety of ways and customised to our customer’s requirements, which may include compiling the advert, recommending the most appropriate media, receiving and short-listing CV’s and conducting interviews and reference checks.

1. 4 Fee basis and terms of payment

Our fee structure below is based on basic annual salary.

Gross Annual Remuneration                         Fee (exl. VAT)               Fee (incl. 14% VAT)

Up to R100 000                                                 12%                           13.68%

R100 001 and over                               15%                           17.10%

Fees are payable within fourteen (14) days of the candidate commencing employment in order to qualify for a three (3) month guarantee.

In the event of a temporary assignee of Staff Associates being offered and accepting a permanent position within six (6) months of the last day of assignment, the client will be charged a percentage of the new employee’s annual salary as follows.

Standard Fee Rate                  Perm     Guarantee     Guarantee          Temp   Guarantee   

                                                                                                              Perm Fee                  

Up to R23 999             12%     12%         60 Days          30 Days                10%           Nil

R24 000 - R99 999       12%     12%         60 Days          30 Days                10%           Nil

R100 000 and over     15%     12%         60 Days          30 Days                10%           Nil

Should the employee resign or their services are terminated within 3 months after commencement of employment, Staff Associates will undertake to replace the candidate.

The 3 (three) month guarantee period shall not apply should the termination of an employee be as a result of:

·         Termination due to operational requirements;

·         A substantial change in the job description or reporting structure;

·         A change in ownership; or

·         Any other reasons beyond the employee’s control.

Should the employee be declared unsuitable for the position, the onus will rest upon the employer to substantiate that the reason for the candidate’s incompetence can be attributed to Staff Associates.

The guarantee period shall only be valid and binding if payment is received within the agreement period of (14) fourteen days after commencement.

Requests for credit/replacement must be submitted to Staff Associates within five (5) working days of the last day of employment or incident occurrence or after the employer becomes aware of a problem.

2. Psychometric Assessment

At Staff Associates we render an assessment service that includes A, B, and C level tests.  We use standardised and reliable tests approved by the HPCSA and Test Commission of South Africa.  Products include Thomas International, SHL, Psytech, Meyers Briggs and Belbin.

Keywords: employment