Secured Visitors Management Systems

By: Procurex  11-11-2011
Keywords: access control, Badge, electronic visitor management

In most organizations today, visitors just scribble a name in a paper guest book. With EasyLobby, visitors electronically scan their ID (business card or driver's license), and all relevant information about them is captured in a secure database file, including their photo and signature (optional), the name of the person being visited, the reason for the visit, and their entry and exit times. In twenty seconds or less, the person is professionally checked in and a high quality visitor badge is automatically printed.Why switch to electronic visitor management?Paper guest books have been around forever. They are certainly cheap and easy to use. But the data collected is usually incomplete, often difficult to read, and impossible to analyze. And perhaps more importantly, confidential information about who has recently visited your facility is out in the open and readily available to anyone who wants to flip through the book's pages.These drawbacks may have been acceptable up years ago, but post 9/11, tighter security is now a necessity. As part of the overall strategy to improve security, most experts are encouraging organizations to do a better job of keeping track of who is in their buildings and why.Over the last several years, thousands of organizations, both large and small, public and private, have discovered the many benefits of replacing the outdated paper log with our secure, electronic visitor management system. These benefits include:

  • Securing the workplace more robustly
  • Streamlining the visitor check-in process
  • Capturing detailed visitor information more accurately and automatically
  • Being able to easily perform analysis and reporting on visitor data across multiple locations
  • Keeping visitor and company information confidential
  • Providing high quality, professional looking badges to visitors and employees
  • Enhancing the organization's image and making visitors and employees feel safer
  • Networking multiple locations together to show a single visitor database
  • Being able to tightly integrate the visitor system with your access control system

Electronically scan a visitor ID:

  • license
  • business card
  • other ID

Automatically read and capture the data in a secure database file:

  • visitor's name, company, and contact information
  • photo
  • signature
  • name of the person being visited
  • reason for the visit
  • entry and exit times
  • customized to suit each customer's particular needs

Print peel and stick labels or hard cards in seconds

Provide professional quality custom badges:

  • over 200 templates to choose from, included with our software
  • print badges and labels both visitors, employees, assets, and packages
  • customize each badge by type of visitor
  • Custom Badge Designer to create your own badge templates

Quickly access and analyze information:

  • Use Lookup and Sort commands to quickly find specific records
  • Use the Report Wizard to generate customized reports in seconds.
  • Store and disseminate report data, instantly and electronically in any number of formats.

Thousands of customers worldwide depend on EasyLobby to improve the security of their facilities, and make their visitors and employees feel safer. From Fortune 500 companies, to small to medium sized companies, to government agencies, to multi-tenant buildings, to hospitals and schools, EasyLobby is the number one choice when it comes to Secure Visitor Management.EasyLobby customers include:

Consumer Products and Services
Adidas America
Fox News
Honda America
Luxottica Retail
Mitsubishi Motors
NY Yankees
Tommy Hilfiger
United Airlines
WrigleyFinance, Insurance and Consulting
Bank of America - Fleet
Deloitte Consulting
Discover Financial
IndyMac Bank
International Securities Exchange
Lehman Brothers
Liberty Mutual
Silicon Valley National Bank
Standard Charter Bank
VISA InternationalTechnology and Communications
3 Com
Ellacoya Networks
Extreme Networks
L-3 Communications
Parametric Technology
PRI Automation
Tivoli Systems/IBM
Veritas Software
VerizonHealthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Astra Zeneca
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Cardinal Healthcare
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Darby Group
Empire Health Services
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
HCA Healthcare
Inland Northwest Healthcare
Johnson & Johnson
Magellan Labs
Memphis Managed Care
Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center
Norwalk Hospital
Schering Plough
Southeast Missouri Mental Health
Tufts Healthcare
Varian Medical Systems

Government and Associations
American Management Association
Anti-Defamation League
Birmingham Water Works
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Energy
Edmonton Airports
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Government Services Agency (GSA)
Legislative Assembly of Ontario
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NYC Department of Probation
NYC Department of the Homeless
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Ontario Lottery
Oregon Department of Transportation
Port of Panama City
Port of Pensacola
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Small Business Administration (SBA)
United Nations
US Department of Interior

Food and Distribution
Big Lots
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Coca Cola
Imperial Distributors
Keystone Foods
Kraft Foods
Piller Sausages
Raley's Supermarkets
Shaw's Supermarkets
Stop & ShopEnergy and Chemical
British Petroleum
Burlington Resources
District Gas
Marathon Oil
Shell Oil
Targa Resources
Watlow Electric
City Colleges of Chicago
Dexter School
Loyola University
Mainland High School
Oregon Health Sciences University
Seton Hall Law School
Stony Brook University
Suffolk University
Wayne State UniversityNote: More than a hundred other companies and government agencies, whose policies do not allow suppliers to name them as customes, also depend on EasyLobby for their visitor management system needs.

    Greg Halvacs, Corporate Security Director, Kraft Foods
    Source: "Guest System A Welcome Change," by Teresa Anderson, senior editor, Security Management

"EasyLobby was the only solution I could find to satisfy our needs - integrate a business card scanner with a visitor badge system, to build a contact database from our visitor log, to keep our information confidential and to produce very professional looking badges."

    Kent Scanton, Operations Manager, Maple Optical Corporation, Silicon Valley, California

"It's excellent. We're very, very happy and it's simple to operate...It helps us to monitor visitor volume so that we can increase staffing if needed in differant areas. It ensures security after visiting hours are over to know who goes where. EasyLobby, Inc. is wonderful - the custom badge they designed for us allows us to put the patient name in the computer but not on the badge, assuring confidentiality and security."

    Joeseph Potterton, Operations Manager, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"We love the system - you can quote me."

    Bob Benson, Network Administrator, Federal Cartridge Co.

"EasyLobby's functionality is wonderful. "
"Our security personnel like it."
"Badges look much more professional when using EasyLobby."

    Scott Pestka, Systems Engineer Supervisor, Pfizer, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"People who receive visitor badges quite often are impressed, especially because of the scanning to badge speed. It's a good quality badge and very accurate."

    Mike Tipton, Purchasing Manager, Watchguard Technologies, Seattle, Washington

Keywords: access control, Badge, electronic visitor management