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Private Company Registration Form

1. How does it work? Step 1 - fill in the form belowStep 2 - pay the R785 online via credit card or any other method.Step 3 - sign and post the power of attorney together with certified copies (signature of Commissioner of Oath must be original) of ALL directors of the Company and post back to PO Box 28845, Danhof,9310 We do the rest. As soon as the Company is registered you will receive the incorporation certificate  directly via e-mail. You will get SMS and e-mail notifications on the progress of your order.
2. What is the turnaround time?

Reserving a name and registering a new company with CIPC takes anything between 4 - 8 weeks 

3 . What happens after the Company has been registered?

As soon as you have received your registration document you will have to register your Company with SARS. As a myfinance-online user you will be able to this by going to the section. The Company will then be issued with a Income Tax Number which should not be confused with the CC Registration Number with CIPC. You will also have to register the Company for Workman's Compensation Insurance (WCA). This is mandatory and can be done on this site by going to the ' section. The members will also have to determine if the Company will have to register for VAT, PAYE and UIF. All of this can be done on this site. Visit the services section for more info in this regard. As from 1 September 2008 Companies's must annually submit a form and pay over a prescribed fee to the Registrar. You can here. The Company will also have to prepare financial statements every year end (normally February) to enable the CC to complete the Income Tax Return (IT14). Proper bookkeeping of all transaction are necessary. It will be the duties of the directors to see to it that proper records are kept. For assistance or more information in this regard please visit the page. 

4.  What is a Private Company (PTY) Ltd?

Private companies are comparable to companies of the same status under the Companies Act, 1973 and are characterised by the following: 

  • They are subject to fewer disclosure and transparency requirements.
  • A private company will still be prohibited from offering its shares to the public and the transferability of its shares will be restricted, but it may now have more than 50 shareholders.
  • The name of a private company must end with the expression “Proprietary Limited” or its abbreviation “(Pty) Ltd”.
  • The board of a private company must comprise at least one director, or any other minimum number as stipulated in its MOI. Each incorporator is a first director of the company.

5. Directors of a Company

Section 76 of the Act, in particular, requires a director when acting as a director, to act:

  • in good faith and for a proper purpose
  • in the best interests of the company
  • with the degree of care, skill and diligence that may reasonably be expected of a person
    • carrying out the same functions in relation to the company as those carried out by the director
    • having the general knowledge, same skill and experience of that director – a reasonable man/women test.

Number of Directors

Private Company – 1 Director Minimum. Can have shareholders but not compulsary. Shareholder can also be a director.Public Company/Non Profit Company – 3 Directors minimum

Keywords: Credit Card, Financial Statements, Income tax, Online Application Form, Power Of Attorney, Registration Number, tax return

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Submit Annual Return for Close Corporations/Companies (with CIPC

The entity will be referred for deregistration and then eventually de-registered from CIPC database which can mean that bank accounts will be frozen, no credit can be applied for etc. Confirmation that the Registrar is in possession of the latest information of the close corporation/company. Each close corporation/company is compelled in terms of the Act to lodge an Annual return once a year.



Please make sure you have all the information on hand needed for every specific form before you start completing it. Turnaround time for the service.


Amend a Close Corporation's Details (Add/Remove Member(s) etc

As soon as we receive the amended founding statement from CIPRO your oder status will be updated and the electronic form will be e-mailed to you directly. We do not render this service as the new accounting officer should be able to assist you with this. The new proposed names are send to the Registrar who will test the names for comparative names. All current members as well as new/resigning members where applicable.


Convert a Close Corporation (CC) into a Private Company Pty (Ltd

Although not compulsary it is highly recommended that you convert your current Close Corporation into a Company as defined in the new companies act of 2008. Just complete the attached form, make payment for the R350, and post the signed Power of Attorney and statement of Consent forms to us. We will send the incorporatiion certificate to you as soon as the conversion has been done by CIPC.


Restore a De-registered CC/Company - Online financial service

The fee of R450 is all inclusive (CIPRO/CIPC fees included) This fee is for restoration of a CC/COMPANY only,and obviously it doesn't include the fees for annual returns as explained in point 3 above. When annual returns are not submitted over a period of time CIPRO/CIPC will come to the conclusion that the CC/COMPANY is not in business anymore and de-register the CC/COMPANY.


Register a Close Corporation/Company for income tax and obtain a tax clearance (tax clearance optional

If you selected the option to receive a tax clearance certificate, it will be posted via priority mail to the client as soon as the entity is registered for income tax. If already registered the business need not to register for a separate income tax number as all income must be declared in the owner’s personal capacity.


Register as individual taxpayer - Online financial service

If you don't want to follow the online route you can e-mail your latest IRP5 document, together with your banking details and proof of payment of R325 to and you will receive your tax number within 5 hours. On average you will receive your income tax number within 5 hours and in worst case scenarios (SARS systems down etc) you will receive you income tax number within 48 hours.


New Companies Act 2008 - effective from 1 May 2011

The restoration of de-registered enties has also been changed with more info/supporting documents now required to restore an entity. The new Companies act has now been implemented introducing quite a few changes in the registrations of companies. No new Close Corporations can be registered anymore.