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By: Maseng Viljoen  11-11-2011
Keywords: Accounting, Risk Management, Investigations

We have gained extensive audit and accounting experience with regards to clients in the private and public sector particularly with regards to the following:
Compliance with legislative requirements and the requirement of relevant authorities
Accounting responsibility for the protection of assets
The adequacy of management control systems, inclusive of internal control
The economical and efficient management of resources
The effective performance of an institution's functions

Accounting and Taxation services are specialised and need to be adopted according to each individuals needs. In striving to meet these individual needs we adapt to each clients specific requirements.

Accounting: Taxation:
Monthly Management Accounting
Evaluation of Business Performance
Drafting of annual Financial Statements
Individuals and corporate entities tax
Tax planning and minimizing of taxation liabilities through legal means
Estate planning
Statutory requirements such as VAT, PAYE submission of returns
Trouble shooting - solutions to your problems

Adding value to our clients is our main focus. We have an excellent track record which speaks for itself. Our top and senior management have demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge and qualifications which enables us to identify, investigate and implement tailor made solutions to our clients.

All organisations, whether private, public, charitable or otherwise, are constantly faced with risks associated with its business. Therefore systems of risk management and internal audit are now a prerequisite to ensure good corporate governance. The King's Report of Corporate Governance imposes a responsibility of greater accountability on management. This will ensure stakeholders of the continuing integrity of their organisation's risk management and Corporate Governance processes.

We approach the Internal Audit Process through a thorough evaluation of an organisation's risks - financial and business risks. We review the controls and fraud prevention plans in place so that we develop an audit coverage plan which will address the areas where the risk is considered to be the highest spread over a period of three years.

The following company secretarial services are offered:
Registration of Close Corporations, Companies and Trusts Appointment of Trustees
Appointment of Auditors and Accounting Officers Transfer of Shares
Appointment/resignation of Directors Change in year end of a Company or Close Corporation
Appointment of New Members Special Resolutions
Aged shelf companies and close corporations
(refer to current news for special offer of less 15% on shelf companies)
MasengViljoen has resources to perform the following information technology solutions to our clients:
Software and Hardware Auditing Policy assessment
Server needs analysis Information System Audits
Wide area Networking CAATs
Local Area Networks Data Cleansing
Software rollouts Business Intelligence Implementation
IT Staff assessments

Annually, losses amounting to billions of Rands are recorded in the corporate sectors resulting from Fraud and Criminal activities. The predominant factors for these losses are internal theft and fraud. Our confidential investigations, lead by a team of highly competent, experienced and dedicated investigators, offers our client a solution that will significantly reduce the risk of fraud and theft. MasengViljoen will identify the risks and, in conjunction with our client, implement pro-active strategies and measures to prevent any recurrence of events that leads to losses. Management will continuously be updated by means of regular progress reports by investigators and the use of our fraud hotline.

MasengViljoen is in the enviable position to have access to the services of top forensic experts in the country to deal with these highly specialized investigations. Detail specific reports that form an integral part of evidence are supplied to the client on completion of the investigation. In extreme cases where an organization suffered severe financial losses because of fraud and corruption, we also have the ability to provide relief through a "Turn-around Management Plan". This Plan will re-establish aspects like productivity profitability for the organisation.

Our relationship with PSG Konsult enables us to associate their passion to place a strong emphasis on personal service and on building lifetime relationships with our clients. We also believe the better you plan the better the future will be. We offer unique one-stop solutions, providing for diverse range of needs and offering appropriate financial and related products.

MasengViljoen prides themselves as expert estate planners and administration professionals. Our knowledge and experience provides a silver lining for the clouds that can gather at the time of death. We ensure that the winding up procedure is dealt with both efficiently and appropriately. Whether it is collecting assets of the estate, preparation of estate accounts, settling liabilities or distributing assets of the estate to the beneficiaries, MasengViljoen has the ability to assist.

Thanks to an extensive international network of strategic alliances we offer a comprehensive range of offshore financial solutions designed specifically to protect and enhance your wealth.As an increasing number of South Africans now recognise, that banking and investing offshore plays an important role in financial planning and brings with it the following key benefits:

* potential tax savings

* currency and geographical risk diversification

* politically stable, strictly regulated and highly respected jurisdictions – a safe haven for your money

   opportunity to utilise effectively your offshore lifetime allowance

* broader access to global markets and unique investment solutions

* privacy and confidentiality

* convenience: easy international access

The range of products and services available is simply vast and we believe it is essential to work with your trusted partner, MASENGVILJOEN to ensure that you arrive at the solution which best matches your circumstances and financial objectives. We will assist with all the necessary paperwork in South Africa to enable you to take full advantage of the personal R4M offshore lifetime allowance. To facilitate a cost effective means of moving funds offshore we also offer a foreign exchange service which provides possibly the most competitive rates in South Africa and free international transfers.

Our client value proposition aims to deliver the best advice, unequalled service and outstanding performance to our clients strategy.

Keywords: Accounting, Internal Audit, Investigations, Risk Management