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By: Envirosorb  10-14-2009
Keywords: Spill Kits, Oil Absorbents, Oil spill clean-ups



We are a company that specialize since 1999 in oil and chemical spill response situated in        and operates in the , , and . Many contaminated sites have been   bio remediated by us, which is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of dealing with soil or water that has been contaminated by some form of hydrocarbon or hazardous waste.

We are also the appointed supplier of Enretech biodegradable absorbents in the above mentioned areas. Enretech absorbents are the leaders in their class when it comes to absorbing oil, petrol, diesel or any hydrocarbons for that matter. We also supply the best and environmentally friendly degreaser and cleaning materials. Our emergency spill kits for LDV’s, trucks and workshops are preferred by Eskom and De Beers Mines.  These products have been tested by the University of the Freestate and are environmentally friendly and break down oils to harmless carbon and water. Where oil contaminated soil has been remediated, plant growth is actually better than before contamination.

Our company provides training and environment awareness in four different languages for first responders to an oil spill as well as for employees to do the actual cleanup and bioremediation of oil contaminated areas. These training sessions can be held on-site or at a venue and time of your choice.  Training programs are short and intense to maximise memory retention and are structured to maximise participation.


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Keywords: Oil Absorbents, Oil spill clean-ups, Soil Bioremediation, Spill Kits,