Water Purifiers and Reverse Osmosis filters and parts

Water Purifiers and Reverse Osmosis filters and parts from Mara Water

By: Mara Water  05-12-2009
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■ Mara Water Reverse Osmosis Filters Removes 99.8% of all contaminants from water including bacteria and cysts.
■ Equipped with or without water pressure booster pump.
■ Easy under-the-counter installation.
■ Modern, aesthetic and ergonomic.
■ Mara Water Provides clean and pure water without toxic and cancer causing chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria.
■ Sold with standard set of sediment and carbon cartridges
■ Compatible with wide range of standard sediment, carbon, and special cartridges
■ Mara Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane removes 96 - 99,8% of all dissolved in water chemical and mineral deposits.
■ The Mara Water RO set comes with water line connection adapters, pressure tank, separate faucet and wrench for easy servicing. 
Filtration Stages Five Fittings JACO Capacity up to 50 GPD First Stage 5 micron Spun Polypropylene Second Stage GAC Activated Carbon cartridges Third Stage 1 micron Activated Carbon cartridges Membrane FILMTEC (50GPD) Post Filtration In-Line Post Carbon Water Tank NSF 3.2 gallon Dimensions [cm] L50 x H50 x D20 Weight 14.00 kg        

Working Principle:
■ First stage - 5 micron sediment filter made of polypropylene spun fiber removes mechanical contaminants in water like sand, rust, silt proving first line of protection for the whole system.
■ Second stage - GAC carbon cartridge removes chlorine and other organic contaminants.
■ Third stage - 1 micron carbon block cartridge removes smaller mechanical contaminants and any carbon particles - protecting the RO membrane.
■ Forth stage - Reverse Osmosis Membrane eliminates 99.8% of all dissolved in water harmful substances, as well as algae, bacteria and cysts.
■ Fifth stage - In-Line Post Carbon filter removes all remaining deposits giving water natural spring pure water taste.   

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