Custom Systems - Fries Research & Technology

By: Frt  11-11-2011

In addition to the standard measuring systems, FRT designs and manufactures highly specialized solutions for applications in demanding production environments. Over many years, FRT has developed the competence to engineer and integrate metrological systems into third-party tools and to design entire process monitoring systems by carefully selecting only the best hardware and writing custom software. This is what we call "The Art of Metrology".
Example 1 - Process Control System
Automatic determination of form deviations
Here, a fully automatic test stand with five highly accurate axes was integrated into the production chain and connected to a QA system for inspecting precision-turned parts with diameters of up to 600 mm and heights of up to 250 mm.
  • high-end air bearing rotary table
  • parts up to 600 mm diameterpart heights up to 250 mm
  • resolution 20 nm
  • weights of greater than 50 kg
  • 4-axes robotic system for positioning
    two chromatic sensors
  • control console with customized software
    for analyzing the measured data
  • teach-in capability for new partsdata interface
    to an existing QA system

Example 2 - Integration
Measuring before, during, and after the machining cycle
In this case, the application was to control an existing third-party milling machine with a non-contact metrology system that was able to analyze the contour of high-precision knife-edges before, during, and after the machining cycle. All this had to be performed without the necessity of having to remove the part from the milling machine. This approach led to shorter set-up times and eventually lower costs, because the milling and measuring steps could be successfully integrated into one simple working cycle.
  • software based control of entire machine 
  • splash water protected housing
  • high resolution chromatic white light sensor
  • high precision axis with 70 mm range
  • user-friendly and automatic measurement
  • teach-in capability for new blade types
  • process monitoring via workstation