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By: Freeway Christian Camera Club  11-11-2011

These are images from our monthly Club meetings. All images that receive Gold or C.O.M Awards will be posted here. Where photographers agree images that received a lesser award will be posted along with comments as to why the judge rated them lower. (Hits: 2783)
Our judge was Gerhard Van Rensburg, who gave us great comments about our work. Gerhard gave up some tips for using RAW rather than JPEG.
Our judge was Tony.
He showed us some of his work which he sells to gallaries and gave us tips of what to photography if we wanted to sell ours.
Our judge was Tony Stacey who gave us some great comments about our work. He also showed us some of the possibilities of Photohop by displaying some of his altered reality work.
Our Judge was John Hogg, very tough, but displayed some awesome pictures of his own work.
Our first meeting for 2009. 3 club members was chosen to do the scoring. Dean Borcherds, Pierre Kitney and Hennie Tempel (all 3 star workers).
Our year end function with Ernie Buric, Neil Lane and John Hogg as judges. Koos van der Lende was our guest speaker and showed us some awesome landscape panoramas.
Our judges were Ernie and Rose Buric, always a favourite with the members with their pleasent attitude and honest comments.
Derek and Norma Pearman came and judged for us. What a pleasure to have someone of their caliber come and share with us. Amazing people with soooo much knowledge and expertise.
Judged by Robert Scott, publishing editor of the local Camera&Image magazine. Great talker, with vast knowledge, strict but overall very fair. It was a fun evening spent with someone that loves the Lord and loves the art of photography.
Our judge for the evening was Laetitia Kenny who gave a very informative overview of Portrait photography.
Judged by Gerhard van Rensburg from Alberton Camera Club. It was the first time that we had Gerhard in as a judge, strict, yet fair and everybody walked away happy.
Judged by Sadie Glibbery
Our judges for the evening were Ernie and Rose Buric
Our judge for the evening was Sadie Glibbery
Our first meeting of the 'new' year. Our judge was Neil Lane who once again put some excellent work on display. We had a couple of new members with two of them entering work.
Just a small kick-off meeting for the year to discuss some themes, outings and plans for makingit a great year.
Judged by Ernie and Rose Buric again.
Judged by Fiona Peake, editor of the PIX mag and head of the Bedfordview National College of Photography. Vibrant and in love with photography.
Judged by Ernie and Rose Buric. Great Judges who love to share their knowledge.
Another great evening with good pictures and 3 visitors, 2 of whom joined and entered work. Welcome Koos and Bryan! Fiona, from PIX, had to cancel due to a personal problem and will visit our club in November to come and judge. Neil Lane jumped in to rescue the evening for us with another evening of great comments and fair judging. Thanks Neil.
Club evening judged by Neil Lane. Neil presented a number of his own prints that was really amazing. He also gave very constructive comments to the members on their work and even though some did not get all golds they would love to have him back again.
Mr Helps could not get away from the office, so we ended up without a judge for the evening. Daniel then excluded his own pictures and performed the judging.
Club meeting with Sadie Glibbery as the judge. Sadie showed us a collection of images taken on her latest trip.
Club meeting. We had no judge so Hannes Taute did the judging for us.
Our third meeting and we had Henning Blignaut as judge. He put up a nice selection of his own work in slides.
These are the images that received Gold awards for the evening. Our theme for the month was water and the best photo of the theme is also included here.Our judges for the evening were Mr and Mrs Ansell, both members of the PSSA. They presented a selection of slides and also donated a projection screen to our club. Thank you very much!!!
Our first meeting for 2007. Sadie Glibbery was our judge.
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