Product Overview

By: Free Water  11-11-2011
Keywords: Water Tanks, grey water, Washing Machine

With our GREY WATER SYSTEM, we collect the water from your bath, shower, washing machine and hand basins, to irrigate your garden area with water that you would normally throw away!

We can collect more rain water than we think! 

Our system collects rainwater just before it leaves your property. The SMART rain system can be used to either fetch water while it is raining and pump it into you irrigation system when required.

The RAIN Filter is fitted to most of your down pipes and filters the water, so that the clean water can be piped into water tanks, or even be diverted straight into your pool.

The RAIN Filter contains a self cleaning stainless steel filter that protects your water tanks from mosquito’s and other contamination .

This very simple device that collects your backwash water, cleans it overnight and let's you put it back into the pool the next day.

This device can save up to 50% of the water used in your toilet. The average toilet flushes 9 L water at every flush - this system gives you the option to use as much water as you need.

Keywords: grey water, Rainwater, Washing Machine, Water Tanks