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By: Franco Design  11-11-2011
Keywords: Industrial Design, Digital art, Conceptual Graphics

Old master rendition. Not Forgeries of old masters, mind you, But faithful copies for those who can afford them.

Imagine having the old master of your choice, and you are in it. I will remember it for you, wholesale.

You and your beloved. You yourself only. In an "Original" Old Master. On a proper stretched canvas. Original as it gets.

These paintings are rendered in acrylic, since the colors are more vibrant than oil paint. Longer lasting and able to take the punishment of our atmospheric conditions. Forget about oil painting. This IS the 21st Century.

Original gallery art requires original money.


No cheques. No bank transfers. No compromise. No negotiation. Just cash.

50% up front. By hand or By courier.

Balance on completion.

Escalation fees apply with delays in collection or payment.

Enquiries in confidence. This mail address.

Conceptual Graphics - Pre-Design Stage
Product / Industrial Design Processes
Image Manipulation. Image Retouching. Digital Art

Keywords: Conceptual Graphics, Digital art, Industrial Design

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