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By: Franco Design  11-11-2011
Keywords: Marketing, logo design, Digital art

Define the Vision

What is it that you want the consumer to feel or believe about your brand?
What does it signify in their lives?
Your life is unimportant. What the brand means to you is “profit” and “margin” and “production”.
The consumer wants “reliability” and “professionalism” and” feel-good” and “empathy”. Dreams.

So here are some good requirements:
define the consumer
prioritize the features necessary to hook the consumer

This will help you to communicate clearly what "success" means for the product and what "done" means
These are two concepts that are often undefined and lead to poor design and feature creep.

Consumer interface is half Art and half Science.

You need to be able to understand the consumer’s goals, as well as your corporate goals,
I will tell you of any technical limitations, and then translate that into a working piece of art.

This requires of you: mental creativity, communication, some technical understanding, and the ability to work as part of the product team. The gap between all of these decreases as your budget increases.

We can do Anything. How much money have you got?

Document the Design Process rationale

Newly designed products or something in development, usually require the creation of task-oriented documentation as part of the marketability testing. Task Based Documentation and Good Design Rationale Go Hand in Hand when you consider how writers can influence the consumers’ experience.

Describe the Product

I can create compelling and clear marketing and technical communications, such as white papers, technical data sheets, marketing requirements, and various other collateral. As well as a good picture.

Such as your corporate ID.
Preliminary design is undertaken at Spec. No Charge.
The work is the very basic starting point. Just to suggest a direction for any further work.

After that, if we have any synergy, AND understanding of the path before us, we embark on  a journey of discovery in the Undiscovered Country.

01. Award Project:
50% of the total project fee is due upon your approval of the project estimate.

02. Data Collection and Analysis
I will work with you to:
• gather and organize information about your company
• discern your communications objectives, expectations and goals
• develop a strategic work plan based on those criteria.

03. Corporate Logo Design
A. Exploration:
I will create and present to you 2–3 initial concepts/designs for each requested.
B. Direction and Evaluation:
Based upon your direction and input, we will work on new concepts/designs, or one you have chosen, until you are 100% satisfied.
C. Approval:
The next installment of 25% of the total project fee is due upon approval of the concept/design direction.
D. Execution:
Your approved concept/design direction is finalized into the following formats for use across all media.

All approved elements will be executed as Final Digital Art.

05. Corporate LOGO Elements
Print Formats Magazine: Four Color PSD and TIFF files
Print Formats Newspaper: Black n White PSD, JPEG and TIFF files
Video Format: JPEG, animated FLASH
Signage Formats: Four Color PSD and TIFF files
Web Formats: JPEG and GIF files
PowerPoint Formats: JPEG, animated FLASH

06. Corporate Suite Elements
• Business Card
• Letterhead - Standard
• Envelope - Standard DL
• Fax Cover Sheet
• Media Kit/Presentation Folder if required
• Mailing Label
• Office Stationery collateral. Design ONLY. Form layouts will be subcontracted. This is not what I do. However, I will secure the services of a forms designer.


Project Inclusions:
Corporate Identity Manual
Once your logo update is approved, we will develop a Style Guide to address the application of the Logo / LogoType system.

This is a critical tool for businesses that use their logo on a wide variety of sales and marketing materials, including brochures, web sites, and point-of-purchase pieces.
Your Guide will include a visual display all full color and grayscale formats of your logo, corresponding file names, color schemes, and recommended usage. Additionally, it will provide compositions and layouts of Office Suite elements as well as essential information regarding printing.

The format will enable you to print the guide for use within your organization, or send it electronically to vendors or designers.

Printed Logo Reference Chart:
Full color and grayscale listings of your logo along with their corresponding file names full color and grayscale formats of your logo, with corresponding file names, color schemes, and recommended usage.

Digital Archive:
All files for each element of your corporate identity system will be digitally archived to  CD-ROM, along with corresponding file index. This will be available in PC and MAC versions.

Because each project has it own unique requirements, the actual process and payment schedule can differ on a case-by-case basis.

Conceptual Graphics - Pre-Design Stage
Product / Industrial Design Processes
Image Manipulation. Image Retouching. Digital Art

Keywords: Digital art, logo design, Marketing

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