By: Fragata  11-11-2011
Keywords: Philosophy, Eyewear, Eye Care Professional

Fragata Enterprises is a company that is involved in making sure the selling of the most fashionable accessories in Southern Africa is not contaminated.

Fragata is a community that provides information and services relating to eyewear to both the eye care professional and consumer. A community refers to a group of people who, in some way or the other, share similar interests, aspirations or needs. Any successful community requires a framework where the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge is not only possible, but actively encouraged and it was with this in mind, that Fragata Enterprises was established. In the last 16 years, Fragata has grown from a small web-based initiative into a thriving, multi-channeled company, providing services and information to a wide range of individuals and companies within the eye wear industry. The Eyewear web-site, our monthly newsletter, All form part of an integrated approach that allows us to maximize the potential of both the real and virtual worlds. Our philosophy is simple: put the needs of the industry ahead of our own.

Company philosophy:
Fragata Enterprises is a designer and marketer of accessories. The Company offers luxury lifestyle accessories to the customers and provides consumers with fresh and relevant products. Accessories use a range of quality fabrics and materials. Fragata's primary product offerings include handbags, women's and men's accessories, handbags, watches and eyewear. It operates in two business segments: Direct-to-Consumer and Indirect.

Types of Investment

The philosophy behind fragata is to offer high-quality, simple yet bold apparel & accessories at affordable prices. Although the intended target audiences are Gen X & the hip crowd, Bulge style can be enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation for clean, simple. timeless style, to a retro line of fun, detail-conscious, sunglasses, Bulge reflects an upbeat contemporary look of the young-mined consumers

Fragata Enterprises targets what it is is required and important to the people and the company put what seemed to be an unreachable goal in front of them. To design, develop and manufacture the best quality and best looking glasses on the market and make them available directly from the manufacturing floor to the public and still maintain the main principals the company was founded on. Providing safe and healthy working conditions.

Keywords: Eye Care Professional, Eyewear, Philosophy