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By: Fraber Group  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steel Products, Racking, Electrical Boxes

Founded in 1969 by a german tool-maker, Fraber Industries established itself by providing a service to the engineering industry. The main service was tool-making and also using x-centre press & press-brakes to use these tools to punch, press and form steel products for customers. A product range that was introduced additionally was shelving & racking and more recently generator covers & custom electrical boxes.

Shelving & Racking

This product range includes light-duty DIY shelves for a storage room or garage, shelves for retail outlets (1330 & 914 system) and heavy duty industrial racking. Current Customers include GAME and CASH CRUSADERS.

Custom Generator Covers

We make generator covers/canopies out of sheet metal and can provide for any type of generator for which the customer can give accurate dimensions and required cut-out/ventilation positioning. We can also manufacture a base for the generator that incorporates a diesel tank. These are then powder-coated and can be had in any colour as long as a sample can be provided. Similarly we have the capabilities to manufacture electrical boxes according to customer specification.

Tool & Die

We have in-house tool & die makers that can make simple tools, while we also have machinery x-centre presses [up to 180-Ton] and hydraulic presses [up to 120-Ton] to apply those or even tools provided by the customer to punch, press or form the required products.

Keywords: Electrical Boxes, Generator Covers, Racking, Steel Products