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By: Fourways Road Runners  11-11-2011

Time Trial Results                                                                         24th March 2010

Hi all

Thanks to Natalie Sanders and Adrian Budd for assisting me with time keeping at the time trial on Tuesday –– 79 runners (35 on the 8km run 34 on the 5km and 10 on the 4km routes). With so many people running please ensure that the timekeepers and recorders have your name and time before you leave – we had people leave with no results this week

Tues 23rd March 8km   Tues 23rd March 5km   Tues 23 March 4 km
Full Name Total   Full Name Total   Full Name Total
Jabulani Nkosi 29:12   Johan Fourie 21:42   Shayna Brown 20:43
Coleman Sibanda 30:14   “Unknown Runner” 23:36   Caitlin Freer 21:49
Gillian Sieling 32:42   Steve Ward 23:42   Matthew Freer 22:30
Brett Godfrey 33:34   Colin Burns 23:56   Connor Davies 22:51
Corli Markgraaff 33:45   Mike Taylor 23:58   Siobhain Coburn 23:36
Richard Sieling 33:45   Wes Nel 24:48   Neve  Coburn 23:36
Gregor Dreyer 34:16   Chris Misplon 25:16   Josh Davies 23:51
Kevin Middleton 35:42   Tim Hasluck 25:20   Melani Nelson 26:58
Chris Sloane 37:44   Matthew Taitz 25:36   Noks Zwane 29:26
Ralegh Greenwood 38:27   Stella Madlala 25:41   Lisa Stevenson 29:45
Warren Porteous 38:37   Sandra Johannessen 25:44      
Hilton Schipholt 38:57   Delia Reardon 25:46      
Andrew Challis 39:28   Brad Jay 25:46      
Kyle Smith 39:35   “Unknown Runner”  – 2 26:10      
Craig Brown 39:51   Driekie Myburgh 26:17      
Dave Stevenson 40:51   Michael Fraser 26:17      
Linda Smith 41:16   Rosalind Hine 27:12      
Russell Hine 41:19   Michelle Decker 27:17      
Megan Howard 41:52   Seara Macheali 27:45      
Cindy Starke 42:35   Tarryn Mundell 27:46      
Samantha Henry 42:51   Jodi Myers 28:25      
Lisa Wostenholm 44:12   Gregg van der Westhuizen 28:44      
John Reilly 44:45   Keith Bester 28:53      
Marie Locker 45:51   Nick van Reenen 28:53      
Tanya Leonfellner 45:55   Malindi Ncambule 29:39      
Lindy Robert 46:32   Sarah Purdie-Chalmers 29:50      
Nick Daley 46:32   Kerryn Mclellan 30:42      
Neville Bosman 46:53   Grant Chalmers 30:53      
Dave Barry 46:53   Hayley Goodwin 31:42      
Danny Moss 47:30   Gary Johnson 32:28      
Fiona Kent 48:12   Astrid Heigl 33:41      
Tracy Davies 48:14   Aniko Bourne 34:13      
John Davies 48:14   ” Andrew 34:20      
Juare Lucas 48:21   Grant Neill 34:30      
Kris Lucas 48:21            

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I am doing my Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and my research thesis concerns the performance of ultramarathon runners during the recovery period after an ultramarathon. In order to conduct this research I need a group of runners participating in the Comradesand a group of distance runners not running in the Comrades. I am deparately trying to find male Comrades runners for my study.


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A cash bar will be set up under the Gazebo afterwards, snacks will be provided and it’s also time for a shoe draw, so bring your money to purchase tickets for that new pair of ‘new balance’ running shoes to get you started for the new running season. Join us on Tuesday, 7th September for our weekly TIME TRIALS at 18h15, but this time with a ‘SPRING TOUCH’!.


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During April, five Cape Union Mart stores will participate in the Infinity Challenge, an activation that encourages runners to race against Hi-Tec brand ambassadors, Martin Dreyer and Bruce Arnett, over an undulating two kilometre treadmill course that mimics a section of the Otter Trail Run. Hi-Tec’s new trail running shoe, V-Lite Infinity has just hit Cape Union Mart stores.