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By: Fourier Systems  11-11-2011

(As implemented for theN4 Maputo Corridor Project)

Fourier Systems was approached by TolLink (Pty) Ltd. (a South African company with international profile in the toll road industry) to develop a Traffic and Incident Data System (TIDS) for application in a toll road management environment.  The first implementation of this system was for the N4 Maputo Corridor project of the Trans African Concessions (TRAC). The Maputo Corridor project is managed by a consortium of local and international companies and has a total budget in excess of R1.6 billion.

TIDS was developed to serve the client’s needs for a toll road information system, integrating data from various subsystems. Data is collected and synchronized from toll plazas over a wide area network. Strong reporting capability was required to provide the toll road management teams, with a tool to assist in the effective management an operation of a toll road. The system is flexible enough to assist the decision-making process at all levels of management.

The TIDS includes the following major sub-systems:

  • Accident and Defect Management System (ADMS)

  • Traffic Control And Monitoring System (TCMS)

  • Overload Management System (OMS)

  • Geographical Information System GIS)

  • System Administration