SevenC - Services - LinExchange

By: Four Iron  12-08-2011

Services - LinExchange LinExchange Enterprise Server is a reliable, scalable and secure server operating system.
Designed to power your businesses critical applications, web services and network LinExchange
delivers a range of innovative managed IT services, supported by a well established team
of highly skilled engineers.
  • Central scalable server platform which is proven immune to virus infection
  • Feature rich managed mail server
  • Full Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Enhanced network security through a cusomisable robust firewall
  • Centralised management of people and their profiles
  • Regular updates and system enhancements at no extra cost
  • Proactive and reactive ongoing support and monitoring
  • Technology leadership driven by industry-wide collaboration
  • Complete hardware, installation and maintenance plan
Data Storage:
Dedicated to the storage of all electronic data, acting as a central repository for user profiles and references, enabling personalisation. Electronic Mail:
The MailActive e-mail server downloads all e-mail originating from the Internet on behalf of the users, thereby removing the need for users to download their e-mail individually. The mail service is facilitated through the careful integration of Sendmail, Uucp, Dovecot, SevenC's MailScanner-7C, NameD for DNS, SevenC's Nova7,
Syslog, Cron, F-Prot, ClamAV, and other sub-systems.
  • Ma Police: Real-time spam and virus filtering, general e-mail size control
  • Ma Policy: Per-user e-mail policy management and mail
  • Ma Archive: Per-user email archiving
  • Ma Nova7: The bulk distribution of configurable mailshots
  • Ma Stat: Live graphical reports of e-mail traffic
  • Webmail 7 Remote access to email
Supports all standard e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Pegasus, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Entourage, as well as the delivery of mail to all Smartphone e-mail clients. Network Security:
Seven C ’s Firewall7service provides the single default gateway to the Internet for the local network. ADSL, satellite, wireless and leased–line Internet connectivity are supported.All forms of Internet communication, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, POP, and IMAP are supported.Firewall7is able to accommodate varying electronic security requirements. The underlying IP filtering engine is Iptables
  • Firewall7: NAT-ing firewall
  • Firewall7: Web proxying
  • Firewall7: Live graphical reports of all web traffic
  • Firewall7: Implementation of per-user internet access policies
Group7: Company-wide shared appointments, contacts database, tasks, and timesheetsSupport:
Daily monitoring and software maintenance and Ongoing monthly SLA support.