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By: Fountain Healing  11-11-2011
Keywords: Life Coaching, Science

As most of you know by now, I am a born psychic, also called a clairvoyant (seeing).

I am also voicevoyant (hearing). I also use my other senses.

After a near death experience I decided to go into life coaching and writing full time.

I use no cards, no crystal ball or any other material, just my senses.

Thank You to God and the Universe for this born with gift.


1. Life coaching

2. Unresolved life and family issues.

3. Any important decisions to make.

4. Marriage counselling.

5. Numerology which is the science of determining your personality and/or mission by using numbers.

6. Astrology Birth Charts which is the science of determining personality and/or mission, through the positions of the Heavenly Bodies at the time of your birth.

7. Chirology which is the science of determining of your personal qualities and/or mission through hand shape, fingerprints, lines and gift markings.

B. Fees

No cheques or credit cards - cash only.


First person R300.00 per hour

Every person in group thereafter, R200.00 pp per hour

Sorry NO telephone consultations


Numerology is the science of determining the personality and/or mission by using numbers.

2.1. Core/Unique Numbers

Personality and Mission

Consultation + notes – 1 hour R400.00

2.2. Life Cycles, Pinnacles, Challenges, Turning Points

Past, Present and Future Mission

Consultation + notes – 1 hour R400.00

2.3. Core/Unique Number


Life Cycles, Pinnacles, Challenges, Turning Points

Consultation + notes – 1 ½ hour R700.00

2.4. Set of 27 Numbers

Consultation + notes – 2 ½ hour R 1 800.00

2.5. Personal Year, Month and Day Numbers:

Consultation + notes – 1 hour R600.00


Finding the real true you - personality and mission, through the positions of the Planets, in the different Zodiac Signs at the time of your birth.

If birth time is available 17 placements otherwise 16 placements.

Consultation + notes – 1 hour R700.00


Finding your personal qualities and mission through hand shape, fingerprints, lines and gift markings.

Consultation 1/2 hour to do handprints, plus your notes and 1 hour talk later – R500.


Qualities and illness can be seen on the face.

Learning how to read a face R300 p/h

Notes can be bought R200

a. Health Products
All Herbal.
Buy packages for Colon -, Candida -, Liver Detox and many more.
Also separate products.
Your health is important.
Act now!!!

b. Cupboard mounted bottle and jar openers.
Hook the bottle, turn, OPEN!!!
Works every time!!!

Letters from FHC Friends:

Dear Erika,

I would just like to say thanks so much for all the help your most wonderful healing centre brought to me when I needed it most. Your work is of such great importance to us all and to all who pass through the teachings that you offer.

I believe that you can and will only go from strength to strength in helping people deal with their life issues and also helping people to gain knowledge as to why things happen the way that they do.

To work through our blue print of who we are, was a wonderful experience for me and I thank you for that and the help you gave me to see all is in balance.

Kind regards, love and light to you.
Beryl Bayly


Hi Erika,

Thank you for all your wonderful mails. They are very inspiring to me and mean a lot to me.
Naomi Chapman.


Hi Erika

Thank you for your inspirational messages, we all need support and uplifting and i sincerely hope that the support you give to others is returned one hundred fold.

Love & Best Wishes
God Bless


Erika takes a special interest in everyone who visits her. She is kind hearted, has a wise soul, and uses her talents with discretion and dignity.

Erika helps people understand who they are, where they are going, and more importantly, how to live a meaningful life along the way.

From her I learnt the importance of standing in and claiming my own Light. Only when you realize how special you are, can you truly make others feel that way. Erika has given me direction, saved me (or helped me to save myself) from impossible situations, and motivated me to believe that I can achieve my dreams.

She is a Life Coach, advisor, friend, sister and healer, and has the ability to show people the lightness, beauty and meaning of this life – in order for us to survive the mundane and schlep!



FHC is that xtra fuel for my inner part! She boosts, strengthens and helps me to keep on going - focused!! Thanks Erika!!

X Carin Richter


From Tracy Wright –

Erika has the power and knowledge to put all my concerns into perspective. Her vast wisdom and compassion is always a source of reassurance to me and I come away with so much understanding and comfort. I love that she uses many kinds of ‘therapy’ during a visit.. from face reading, to chirology, to numerology and others. There is nothing to compare to a visit with Erika.

I have referred many friends and family (even the skeptical ones) to her and they all come away enlightened and pleased that they spent their time with her.

I am very fortunate to have you in my life Erika! Thank you for your warmth and kindness. You are amazing.


Dear Erika,

We are on planet earth to make a difference.

You came into my life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. Thank you for the difference you made since 2005.

Love, Light and Peace.




Just a note of appreciation for your dedication and unselfish effort to send love and support to all who are in need. It is not only in the messages that you send that you inspire and support, but also the fact that you do so diligently. Receiving e-mails and messages from you has become part of my support structures. Although I do not always have time to respond to them I always make time to read them – no matter how late at night. Please know that with each e-mail I read I think of you and send you positive energy. Please continue to love and inspire – and to send me e-mails.

Kind regards,

Kevin Leak



Keywords: Life Coaching, Science