Van der Post & Lund Training - interpresonalskills

By: Founder Training  11-11-2011
Keywords: Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills & Team Integration

This is a highly specialized process designed to improve the effectiveness and integration of a team and offer simple, practical and usable tools for self motivation and dealing with people.  This programme demonstrates the potential of all human beings and encourages the delegates via practical application to become more focused, accountable, proactive and positive.  

Objectives & Outcomes:

This programme can be customised to meet specific outcomes, such as…

  • Improving the effectiveness of a team
  • Changing culture and cutting through miscommunication and perceptions
  • Creating understanding and resolving conflict between departments or teams
  • Gelling teams who have been through big changes, i.e. change in management or leadership
  • Resolving conflict within teams
  • Dealing with customers, and building relationships effectively

Style of Presentation

The programme is extremely participative. All delegates are fully involved and are encouraged to put the skills into practice as they work through the programme. The programme is simple, fun and above all, practical, and therefore bridges the gap between training and practical application.  Although delegates will discover their own strengths and will be made aware of the areas in which they can be more effective or how their behaviour is being perceived by the team, the seminar is in no way confrontational or threatening.


  • The group is given a simple understanding of how our programming in life happens, and the roles that perceptions, values, beliefs, cultures and habits play in our day to day interaction with our fellow human beings, and why we all see lifedifferently.
  • The delegates assess the company in terms of strengths and weaknesses and through a detailed process, come out with practical solutions to rectify some of these areas.
  • Delegates will be made aware of the affect their behaviour has on the team and how it is being perceived.
  • A very practical session on the mind is given, allowing delegates to understand in a very simple way how influential their state of mind is in achieving positive results.
  • They will learn simple yet effective ways of changing their thinking habits and how to programme new beliefs.
  • Delegates will come to understand that their attitude has a major effecton their results in life.
  • Delegates will discuss the differences in people.
  • They will learn, through a measuring process, how to read and understand appearances and behaviors in others.
  • Delegates will be taught a simple process of measuring behaviours to ascertain the individual’s personality style.
  • Each delegate will be measured and given accurate and practical feedback of their personal style, including their secondary style.
  • Delegates will learn the simple but practical ways of approaching the different styles to build trust and rapport.
  • They will identify people with whom they have had problems communicating, and thereby understand how to rectify and build a relationship with that person.
  • Delegates will learn the meaning of flexibility in communication. We cannot change our personality, but will learn how to adapt to others.
  • All delegates will have lots of fun while learning.

Keywords: Interpersonal Skills