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By: Forever Pure  11-11-2011
Keywords: Seawater Desalination, Vapor Compression


Solar Farm Development (June, 2010)

  • ForeverPure is adding solar farm development to its line of business. Various domestic and international financing programs are also available. Project size ranges from 1/2 megawatt and up.

International Trade and Project Financing (March, 2010)

  • ForeverPure is providing international financing programs for green-tech related products and projects, taking a giant step forward toward making our world a cleaner place to live.
  • Dealership financing is also available.

Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies (January, 2010)

  • ForeverPure is introducing a portfolio wastewater reuse, reclaim, recycle technologies and for the worldwide Zero Liquid Discharge (ZDL) applications. These technologies include ultrafiltration, nano-filtration, chemical treatment, evaporation, and crystallization technologies. Processes are customized for individual applications.

Ultrafiltration Systems

  • ForeverPure has begun to manufacture low fouling Ultrafiltration systems for wastewater treatment industry for the removal of suspended solids and biological contaminants from wastewater stream.

New Line of Energy Saving Vapor Compression Distillers

  • ForeverPure has recently introduced a new line of highly efficient Vapor Compression Distillers. Targeted markets are bottled water and wastewater treatment. Customized systems are available to meet specific customer requirements.

Beverage Industry

  • ForeverPure supplied two complete deep seawater bottling lines to Hawaii. Deep seawater bottling industry is now the second largest industry in Hawaii. ForeverPure seawater desalination and mineral extraction process has produced bottled water that is proven to be safe and delicious. In addition, it is one of the most profitable beverages in the world.
  • ForeverPure RO+Ozone+UV package helps bottled water company obtain high quality bottled water. The package is designed for ease of operation.
  • ForeverPure compact, economical 9-9-3 rinser/filler/capper monobloc system allows startup bottling companies to enjoy reliable, continuous production that only large bottling companies can enjoy with expensive machinery.

Real Estate Development

  • ForeverPure desalination plant turns dry beach land into prime properties in multiple areas, allowing developers to secure investment for luxury housing and golf course.


  • ForeverPure Mobile Bottling Lines helps mineral water company reap in profit by eliminating construction time and reduces project investment.
  • ForeverPure Mobile Pouch Filling Plants can be deployed to disaster areas and start dispatching safe drinking water in pouches to victims within hours upon arrival on site.

Compact Desalination System Introduced

  • A 70 gallons or 265 liters per day desalination system is introduced. It can be driven by DC motor, AC motor combustion engine, and wind/solar hybrid power generators. It’s great for boats, yachts, small homes, and for emergency preparedness. Every year there’s storms and hurricanes hitting different coastal cities and islands. This would be a safeguard solution for people who are living near the problematic coastal areas.

Further Development

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Keywords: Seawater Desalination, Vapor Compression