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By: Foot Levelers  11-11-2011


Thoracic/Lumbar Rehab

• Includes Back Rehab and Low Back
Pain manuals
• Spine-specific, pain-free isotonic motion
to correct and rehabilitate thoracic/lumbar
spine and pelvis
• Easy-grip handles on heavy-duty surgical tubing
• Simple home use requires only standard door or chair
• Full-color patient manual shows all appropriate activities

Home Model Standard    ITEM#367
Home Model Lite              ITEM#368


Cervical Rehab - U.S. Patent No. 5,135,445

Home Model                  ITEM#358
Professional Model     ITEM#357

• Restores muscular integrity and improves
cervical posture
• Isolated motion for sub-maximal limited
range of motion
• Provides variable resistance to match individual
strength level
• Includes cervical collar, patient instructional manual
and professional notes


Extremities Rehab

Home Model Standard     ITEM#350
Home Model Light             ITEM#365
Home Model Extra            ITEM#366

• Variable resistance from surgical-grade
rubber tubing
• Interchangeable bands for arms and/or legs
• All systems include patient manuals

Executive Intracell® Stick

Rolls knots out of muscle and work well
in trigger point therapy



Great for trigger point therapy  and ideal for the
break-in period for Stabilizers



Rock & Roller™

Rocker & wobble board to help
develop balance and proprioception


“The low-tech exercises produced by Foot Levelers’ rehab are great because my patients learn how to properly perform them in my office, then I can provide inexpensive equipment for them to utilize at home. I don’t have to worry about them performing the exercises improperly, because they have been doing the same ones in my office. No other system offers that!”
— Dr. Rachel Williams

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