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Our services start with receiving the candidate at BWI airport or BWI train station (only) and bringing them to our dorm (hostel) to be a paying guest.

Dorm: We provide private rooms for each student. One room for a couple is available at a higher rate. The entire dorm has ultra high-speed 16mbps (broadband cable, wireless G) internet access. Bring your wi-fi capable notebook computer. Basic medical care, laundry facility, limited use of fax and phone service including free U.S. long distance, and large screen color television are provided. Full kitchen with utensils, dinnerware, and 3 large refrigerators are provided. Comfortable bed with sheets, blankets and pillows are also provided. Our dorm provides safe and comfortable basic accommodations. It is self-service, and the students are responsible for upkeep. Recreational facilities like table tennis, a pool table, and nearby tennis courts are available. We want you to enjoy your stay while you learn and succeed. Bus routes or car pool
are available at reasonable cost ($12-$15/day). We arrange weekend trips to Baltimore and Washington, DC, at nominal cost. In our campus atmosphere you will make lasting friendships, learn from each other and have fun at the same time. It is much better to be trained here as compared to your own hometown. It is worth the additional cost and trouble.

Features: Desktop and printer access, Free Wi-Fi Internet, Common kitchen – all kitchen appliances, utensils and plates etc., Utilities included, Common room (study room), Entertainment – Cable TV, DVD Player, Pool Table, Table tennis, and Tennis court within walking distance, Free Parking, Luggage Storage, Coin operated laundry,Iron/Ironing board, Public Transport within walking distance (to Baltimore and Washington) and Within 15 min drive from BWI airport and 1 hr from Dulles Washington International Airport (IAD).

Training: Each student will be trained a minimum of 9 hours/day x 5 days/week and some weekends. Average training time will be over 50 hours/week for a minimum of 300 hours for the 6-week program. Additionally, there may be medical conferences (e.g., Pri-Med) and seminars a few weekends and evenings. We have a network of well-qualified physicians and top-notch hospital assignments in Maryland where the externs will be placed, depending upon the area of interest. You will be trained with one physician/hospital for 3 weeks and receive an LOR, followed by another assignment of 3 weeks with second LOR. You may choose to add additional 3-week sessions, or find research positions with our help. Ideally, our training should be done after passing USMLE Part I and before or after Part II CK and CS. Training is designed to help you pass CS and improve CK score. Excellent "Standardized Patient" training module will be included free of charge to prepare for CS. However, there is no specific rule and you can join us with or without USMLE exams, if you qualify for the program based on your CV (resume). Most specialties where FMG’s are likely to get residency are included.

Additional Services: We will help you become familiar with the entire USMLE process, and also to improve your CV as well as preparation of personal statement. We have an English language counselor available for those with a heavy accent to improve your communication skills. Training in spoken American English will also be included to help with vital communication skills absolutely needed to pass CS. Roughly 28% of FMG’s (mostly from India and China) and only 5% of local graduates fail in CS. Communication skills and not medical training or intelligence accounts for that difference. We will help you overcome that.

Term Paper: Students will be required to select a medical topic of their choice, approved by Dr. Mehta, and prepare an 8- to 10-page term paper on the subject. We have several up-to-date websites available for research on the internet. It is our experience that when you go for a residency interview, putting the term paper on the table will draw the interview to your area of strength. This will give you a good head start and confidence to control the interview. We want to give you all the tools to excel and succeed so that you never do less than your very best.

Why Choose Us? We have fine-tuned the science (or the art) of obtaining residency to a high degree. For example, we encourage our students to waive the right to see LOR’s and have them sent directly from the teaching physician to ERAS. This way the LOR (unseen by the student) carries a lot more weight. We provide follow-through to make sure the LOR gets to ERAS.

Ours is an intense program in a compressed time frame to accommodate your busy schedule with USMLE exams, etc. In 6 weeks here, you will have the same hours of training as most other 3-month programs.

We are professionals in the medical field and in teaching, and we get results for you. That is why AMA News published an article on March 26, 2007, specifically about Dr. Mehta and FMG Affordable. We do all this to help you SUCCEED because our dictionary just does not contain the word "FAILURE".

Your Input To Us: We have prepared this website from our vantage point. However, we would really appreciate knowing from you, the student, how helpful and thorough is our website presentation. If you have any ideas as to how we can improve it, please let us know. We wish to make it a really user-friendly website that sends a crystal clear message. We would appreciate your input.

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