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By: Flyjozi  11-11-2011
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Bridal couples can be flown to the wedding venue of their choice, if safe to do so, followed by another location for a photo shoot or to simply take their vows in the air. We have transported happy couples to private game reserves, Sun City, the Magaliesburg and Drakensberg Mountains. A marriage officer and in-flight photographer can also be arranged. Remember however, the bigger the dress, the bigger the helicopter!

Now in order to get married one needs to propose.. we have custom made all sorts of romantic proposal ideas for our clients, such as romantic picnics in Muldersdrift, relaxing on a bed of rose petals on the banks of Crocodile river or having your message written on a field - clearly visible from the helicopter. We can organise beautiful locations in the Magaliesburg where you can have a romantic breakfast or lunch, followed by breathtaking views of the Magaliesburg mountain range. Not a bad time to pop the question, eh?

Helicopters are also ideal for aerial filming and photography. They can get close to a site and orbit or hover, as required. Doors can be removed to provide an unobstructed view.FlyJozi is the one-stop solution for all of your event filming and live aerial filming needs.We also offer ground tracking options for TV commercials, events, corporate branding and feature films. Helicopter branding/signage is available for superior awareness at functions/events. All the pilots we use are trained and experienced in the art and techniques of aerial photography flying. We know how to position photographers for the best shots, and we keep it safe at all times. Helicopters have the ability to fly slowly, hover, fly left or right, up or down in a gyroscope action makes them the ideal photographic platform for aerial photography.

FlyJozi realises that photographic assignments vary and therefore we offer a choice of helicopters for the job, to ensure the most cost-effective solution for your particular needs. Our aerial photography services can also include the ground-to-air coordination for your TV commercial, event or aerial survey (for all purposes). Whatever your needs and requirements are, FlyJozi!

Johannesburg, being the largest urban forest in the world and having around 10 million trees, certainly does deserve a look from a birds eye view in order to fully admire our beautiful city. There are many sites and landmarks which, seeing them from the road, gives very little justice. One can see the old gold reef to the south of the city, the slowly disappearing mine dumps, as well as Tswaing Crater, which is a must view from the air!.

Sandton is the richest mile in Africa. 2km away you have Alexandra township, which is one of the poorest places on the continent. You can see the very distinct line between the two and this is only really possible from the air. All our pilots will give you basic commentary and point out the main landmarks to you, and, if you wanted a more detailed flight which would include amazing facts, history and events, then why not include a FlyJozi guide. We have hand-picked a few of South Africa’s finest guides and have worked with them for many years.

Our corporate agenda is intended to fully support business executives in their ongoing battle against time, distance and conflicting deadlines.Arriving at any meeting or corporate event, by helicopter, makes for an impressive entrance and ensures you arrive at your destination on time and in a relaxed state. Other forms of transport just can’t offer this.With access to many helipads, major and minor airports nationwide, FlyJozi can get you closer and faster than any other commercial airline and in a shorter time. Executives have come to realise that their time is even more valuable than ever and waiting over an hour to catch a plane and then commute for another hour to reach their final destination, is something of the past. By chartering with FlyJozi, executives can take full advantage of every hour.FlyJozi offers our clients a variety of aircrafts according to the occasion – helicopters, turbo props, sleek light jets, versatile medium and super medium jets and luxurious heavy jets.

Imagine arriving at that building site, or out-of-town meeting, without all the hassles of waiting in queues for rental cars or taxis, congested roads and stop lights. You arrive fresher, sooner, and with the utmost privacy and security – FlyJozi!
  • Ground handlers at OR Tambo – getting clients from plane to helicopter hassle free with VIP service.
  • Hassle free luggage transfers from OR Tambo to destination.
  • Obtaining permission from CAA, Metro Traffic and the local City Council for landing permissions.
  • Full turn-key transfers to anywhere in South Africa.

Keywords: Helicopter