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By: Floorsanding Services  11-11-2011
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Floor sanding

Floor sanding is the most demanded service our company encounters. Your wooden floors deserve the best and that is certainly what we have to offer.

This service is ideal for making your wooden floors look and feel brand new with our process ensuring a longer life for the floors themselves and giving you a smoother and more elegant look to your floors.

Floor sanding involves three unique stages, all of them expertly done by our team. The floors will be expertly prepared, ensuring that the wood is not damaged in any way throughout this process. The sanding will then beautifully etch away making the surface smooth and level. And finally a special protective coating and varnish will be applied to maximize floor quality and life span.

Floor restoration

Wooden floors are a true luxury and maintaining them can be difficult. However, our floor restoration service is more than capable of helping you do just that.

If your wooden floorboards have been damaged or require replacement, this service will assist you in repairing or replacing the necessary surfaces.


If you’re interested in adding a further gleam to your wooden floorboards, you could consider either lime washing or staining. Floor Sanding Services offers both.

These treatments can either provide a lighter tone to your wooden floorboards or a darker, depending entirely on what you want. This can help brighten a room or set the tone for a relaxing home environment. Floorboards will look and feel unique and add a further elegance once this procedure is finished.

Roof cleaning

Floor Sanding Services takes pride in diversity of skill and application, and our process of roof cleaning is just that.

Whether it is the roof itself or the rafters below that, we ensure a thorough clean for both; making this service ideal for anyone concerned with the upkeep of their roof.

Borer beetle inspections

Moving in or out of house can be a stressful time especially when one might have to worry about Borer Beetles. However, we offer not only the inspection of houses but also the solution to any such problems.

Floor Sanding Services is more than capable of both identifying and fixing a Borer Beetle infestation quickly and professionally. Even if you are unsure as to the condition of your new or old house, we are more than qualified to inspect and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your house is Borer Beetle free.

Sub-floor ventilation

Wooden floors that aren’t ventilated properly run the risk of becoming damp and rotting. Floor Sanding Services offers installation of unique sub-floor ventilation that can ensure the avoidance of such a problem.

This system will ensure that your wooden floorboards remain in pristine condition and avoid gathering moisture that could possibly damage the floor boards.

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