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By: Flint Studio  12-08-2011

We bring together creative thinking, smart ideas, and emerging technologies to drive your business.

Planning is the secret to a well-executed online venture, and the most comprehensive plans are created by the most practised teams.

Flint Studio is a Web agency that’s blazed a trail in digital media for the last decade. We’ll do more than plan the look ’n launch of your websites and campaigns; we’ll assist you in mapping out the evolution of your brand online.

Good planning makes cents – a project that runs smoothly saves you time, and we understand that your time is money.

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Information Architecture

The secret of a successful project is building a solid foundation first. By planning all the details we can eliminate any potential future problems.

This involves analysing the main objectives of the website or application: it’s target market, technical requirements, time constraints, content development and the effects of the brand identity on the project and copywriting ideas.

We also create visual sitemaps during this process to represent the navigational hierarchy of the website as well as all the usability implications on the project.

Throughout this process we brainstorm and conceptualise ideas for the visual design of the website and how everything will come together in later project phases.

Online Strategy

A good chess player will tell you to plan ahead, that strategy is the secret to winning the match.

This is also true when taking your business online. These days it isn’t enough to just have a website and hope that people will find it. As with chess, you need to plan your next move. Should you make use of SEO? Or promote your business on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook?

We guide you through this process, by planning both short and long-term goals, analysing competitors, statistics and social media roles within your company and outlining campaigns.

Your online strategy should compliment your overall marketing strategy. Offline and online should go hand-in-hand to be effective.

Wireframes & Prototypes

A wireframe or prototype is the digital blueprint for your project. Before design and development can begin we draw, sketch, doodle and design…

Wireframes represent the general idea of where elements will be placed, and how things will work and look (greyscale). This gives us and the client a sneak peek into the future of the project.

In this phase of digital stick figures we can easily move and change elements, exploring new ideas and layout changes without drastic side effects and delays that would occur if this was done mid-design or development.

Once this phase is complete the client, designers and developers are all on the same page and can begin work immediately, speeding up the project without affecting quality.

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