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By: Flicks  11-11-2011
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WebQuota is AuthentiX plus:

  • Limit Concurrent Logins
  • Usage Throttling Dictionary
  • Attack Protection

WebQuota offers capabilities for webmasters who are concerned about misuse of website membership privileges. WebQuota is a replacement, not an add-on, for AuthentiX. WebQuota is functionally equivalent to AuthentiX except with advanced features for account abuse prevention. Concurrency Metering/Corporate Licensing now available in .

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AuthentiX ISP, WebQuota ISP:

With AuthentiX ISP, directory protection is only available to subdirectories of each Administrator's domain, and a domain administrator is not able to restrict access to other customers' domains.


SubscriptiX is absolutely free

(Note Flicks Software does not accept Discover at the present time, although SubscriptiX has no problem with it.)


Flicks Software's OCXMail ASP component allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components.

  • Version 2 permits attachments.
  • Version 2.4 includes the SendX function which allows blind-copies, mail-priority, receipt-requested and more!
  • Version 2.5 accomodates Microsoft Outlook which does interpret all RFC822 message date formats correctly.
  • Version 2.52 (1/6/99) is the latest version - includes improvements for text and other attachments.


Keywords: Asp Component