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By: Flexible Electronic Systems  11-11-2011

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The xLogic SuperRelay is a compact and expandable CPU replacing mini PLCs, multiple timers, relays and counters. The xLogic SuperRelay perfectly fits in the space between timing relays and a low-end PLC's. The ELC-12 range is the entry level model, incorporating a good mix of digital and analogue I/O, clock with calender, counters, timers and serial communications. Easy to configure with drag-and-drop functions blocks using the FREE ELCSoft software.

  • Low-cost Mini-PLC
  • 12 x digital inputs - mains or DC digital inputs
  • 6 x digital outputs - mains rated relay or 24VDC transistor outputs
  • Optional analogue input models with 0-10V input range (split 8 digital 4 analogue)
  • LCD and keypad input
  • Mains or 24V DC variants
  • Up to 256 software counters/timers
  • Real Time Clock with calender/time switch functions
  • High Speed pulse counting and PWM outputs
  • Programmed through LCD and keypad or via the FREE ELCSoft software
  • DIN rail or screw mount
  • 95mm x 90mm x 55mm
  • Operating temperature; 0-55°C
  • Replacement for more expensive types;
    • Siemens LOGO!
    • Crouzet Millenuim3
    • Telemecanique Zelio Logic 2
    • Moeller Easy Logic
    • IMO iSmart
    • DEC Smart Relay
  • Expand your system
  • Digital and analogue I/O expansion Units
  • Ethernet module - connect the ELC-18 to your SCADA system via Ethernet. MODBUS protocol supported
  • Use with the DAQFactory mini-SCADA software package
  • GSM SMS Module - send SMS text messages and control from a Mobile phone
  • Connect up to 31 units to a single ELC-18

xLogic SuperRelay Basics

xLogic SuperRelay is a compact and expandable industrial computer ideal for replacing older PLCs, multiple timers, counters and traditional relay logic.

The xLogic SuperRelay is available in 120V/240V AC or 24V DC versions, making it the ideal solution for relay replacement, or simple control applications as building and parking lot lighting, managing automatic lighting, access control, watering systems, pump control, ventilation systems, home automation and a wide field of other applications demanding low cost to be a primary design issue.Available with a common mix of digital input, digital output, analogue input, PWM output, high speed pulse counting, Real time clock and time switch functions. The ELC-18 range offer a 4-line LCD display and keypad for program modification and display and control whilst the program is running. An expansion port allows the connection of up to 31 expansion modules, extending the I/O channel count and adding Ethernet and SMS text communication capabilities.Programming the xLogic SuperRelayThe xLogic SuperRelay series are programmed using simple logic and I/O function blocks. A total of 8 general function blocks, 29 special function blocks, and 6 input & output function blocks are available. Function blocks are selected and dragged onto the programming area. They are then connected with wires to create your control program. The software has a simulation facility, so you can test your program operation and quickly correct any problems. The program is then uploaded to the ELC unit via the RS232 or USB programming leads.

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