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By: Flauntworx  11-11-2011

Flauntworx specialises in business improvement and time-saving services, encompassing the entire MS Office Suite. We custom-integrate some or all of Office’s applications. Taking your business a step further, we also integrated MS Excel programming, macros, formulas, pivot tables and charts with Pastel’s BIC expansion. /table>
Excel is the backbone of any business, regardless its size. Flauntworx will tailor-make development solutions to expand your current Excel use, helping you achieve significant improvement for minimal cost. Excel customisation is our speciality: we supply Automation, Formulas, Macros, Visual Basic Programming, Templates, Dashboards, Support, Pivot Tables, Charts, as well as Forms and Validations, Calculations and Statistics.
Communication is a key factor in the success of your business. Flauntworx provides automated functions such as Outlook Templates, Integration, Stationery and Mail Merges, saving your business time and money. Our efficient setting up of Outlook will help maximize your productivity and business efficacy.
Flauntworx helps you create small databases including GUI’s forms and reports, and provides total integration of Access.
PowerPoint is more than a presentation tool; it is a powerful visual aid, communicating your message with impact. Flauntworx streamlines your use of PowerPoint with Templates, Presentations and Stationery.
MS Word’s value for business lies in ensuring professional written communication. Flauntworx offers Templates, Mail Merges, Labels Forms and Stationery to take your word documents to the next level.
Flauntworx augments existing Pastel BIC functionality through optimizing, improving, maintaining and creating specific reports for clients. Reports can be exported or totally automated, and can be standardized or customized to your needs.
Flauntworx specializes in Six Sigma consulting, providing you with key process improvement through statistical analysis.