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By: Fitness Mag  11-11-2011

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Win with Wellwoman® Sport & Fitness

Wellwoman® Sport & Fitness provides nutrients essential for the immune system and to help maintain optimal cell defence. The formula includes Vitamin D3, C and E, selenium, zinc, Green Tea Extract and N-Acetyl Cysteine to help defend against harmful free radicals generated during sport and exercise, which can damage cell DNA, an important factor in long-term cell health. Vitamin C and magnesium also included in the formula may be important during times of physical stress, which can affect the body’s immune resistance.


September is Heart Awareness month and for good reason if you look at the stats. An estimated 56% of women and 29% of men are overweight and obese in South Africa. Other shocking facts are that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women in South Africa will develop a heart condition before the age of 60 and that heart disease and stroke are the biggest non-infectious killers in our country. Up to 80% of these are due to our lifestyles and behavior and therefore can be avoided.

Heart Awareness Month is about raising awareness of heart disease and getting people thinking about their heart health and doing the relevant medical screens to establish what their medical status is and to get involved where they can, starting with their own health.

Protect your heart with PharmaChoice HeartChoice™ Energiser: Nature’s “spark plug” Each HeartChoice™ Energiser capsule contains a potent combination of 150mg each of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and 150mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. This high potency combination assists with stamina, endurance and post-exercise recovery. HeartChoice Energiser supports cardiovascular health and give’s you optimal energy so you can keep up your active lifestyle.

  • It supports healthy heart function and may improve cardiovascular health.
  • It plays a role in maintaining the body’s healthy cholesterol levels.
  • It helps maintain circulatory health.
  • It maintains the body’s biochemical processes for energy production, which means it can assist with stamina and endurance levels.
  • It helps protect the body from oxidative stress resulting from free radical activity by helping to maintain antioxidant defenses.
  • CoQ10, works in several important ways:
    1. Energy booster. When energy production lags, and cells stop functioning optimally, energy-hungry organs like the heart also function sub-optimally. That’s why CoQ10 is considered to be a prime cardiotonic, and is highly recommended for people who live busy, demanding lives, or who perform regular high-intensity exercise. CoQ10 also supports post-exercise recovery.
    2. Antioxidant. CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant,2 protecting cell structures from free radicals, and repairing free radical damage. This is a particular benefit to strenuous exercisers, as free radical activity is sometimes generated by aerobic exercise. It regenerates vitamins C and E when they become inactive due to free radical damage.
    3. Cholesterol-fighter. CoQ10 inhibits the oxidation of bad cholesterol – LDL – which is what builds up in artery walls, and creates the problems; and it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels in people who’re not yet experiencing cholesterol imbalances. It is particularly helpful to people on the statin class of anti-cholesterol medications as these block the key enzyme, HMG-CoA reductase which is required for making CoQ10 in your body.[iv] <#_edn4>
    Beyond this, CoQ10 is also helpful as it relieves the muscle pain sometimes caused by statins


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    Even though these are the basic supplements, please do make sure that you buy these from someone who will be able to prescribe them to you in the correct manner and who will be looking after your health first and foremost. Yes, there are specific judging criteria, but on a World’s stage the competitors all look ridiculously perfect and similar, thus the results often boil down to personal preference.


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    In a number of other sports the individual with the fastest time, or most points win on the day simply, whereas a fitness athlete’s fate lies in the hands of 10 individuals who judge you against their personal perceptions and opinions on what a championship physique should look like.