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By: Fitness Mag  11-11-2011
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The Baywatch babes you have secretly hated all winter long will now flourish. The question is, will you be hiding behind the flowery umbrella with your yellow polkadot, oversized one-piece or will you be the one of those ladies who are secretly admired while on the beach? This is the bad news – you are the author of your own life story. Only you can dictate the physical projection of the main character in your fit story. However, the good news is that the good, the bad and the ugly is a myth, and we can all look the way we imagine. Just choose to be proactive and stick to your choice.

Bring on that tight booty, washboard abs, ripped arms and glutes that solute! Summer is
here and I will be actively cheering you on to reach your own “happy body space”!
I am here to save you from your beach-a-phobia and allow you to feel emancipated and free on the beach this year. But…”big pause”, you have to work with me for the next couple of weeks! It’s crunch time! Wake-up at 5 to train for a change, don’t skip your meals, drink that water and do not forget to do the extra 5 minutes of cardio!

The question for the week:
Hi there
I’m a 32 year old mother, I’m 1.63m tall and weigh about 52kg and have a petit build. My schedule does not allow me to go to the gym, so I can only do exercise at home. What exercise/diet can I follow to tone my body. I don’t want muscles, just a nice toned body without flabby skin. How long does it take if you do the exercise everyday to see results? Which supplements should I be using to get the results I’m after, and which foods do I need to avoid getting rid of cellulite?
Ankia Stokes

Dearest Ankia
No problem girl… where you do your training is not the key element. Getting it done is. I have attached a JVL YouTube charity video, where you will surly recognise the limited amount of space we had to train in.

My advice is to invest your time and effort into the training that you love and know you will stay committed to. There is actually nothing that you can’t do at home that you could have done in the gym. I do think that your biggest obstacle would be to stick to the plan. With no one cheering you on at home you might become discouraged. But remember that discipline means doing what you have to do, even if you don’t want to. Keep my videos close by and keep up with them to keep the strict pace. This type of training definitely wouldn’t add access muscle to your frame. The amount of cardio added and the light weight combination is the winning recipe to attain this goal. Pump the music nice and loud – I’m sure the neighbours would understand that they are also contributing to your successful transformation – and work that thorough band and speed rope!

As for supplementation these are your basic “must haves”:
Glutamine, vitamins and oils, CLA, a fat burner (if needed), protein shake, natural Growth Hormone booster, vasodilator, Sweet Sweat (or something that burns fat from the outside in as well). Even though these are the basic supplements, please do make sure that you buy these from someone who will be able to prescribe them to you in the correct manner and who will be looking after your health first and foremost.

Cher said that “if fitness came in a bottle we would all be in great shape”. May you find your fountain of youth within your thoughts, spirit and mindset… this is the greatest weight-loss secret! Believe it and make a change today!


Hi ladies, I am so thrilled to announce I have finally attained pro fitness status, and I have some new insights to share with you from the experience.

Jacques and I were so humbled to be invited to compete at this glamorous WBFF show. The stage is bigger, the lighting is better and the audience is filled with fitness fury! I can honestly say this was my “wow” moment in all my years of competing. The Superbowl of fitness, if you will.
Here is all the backstage scoop, which I know is what you’re most interested in). Most of the ladies flew their personal trainers, stylists and PR managers in for the show to assist them 24/7, which was a first for me! So you can imagine our surprise when we placed so well amongst these world class athletes. We were very blessed.
In terms of the key lessons I learnt, the most important one for me was realising that this sport is very subjective. Due to this fact it is important to never be hard on yourself for not placing where you wanted to. In a number of other sports the individual with the fastest time, or most points win on the day simply, whereas a fitness athlete’s fate lies in the hands of 10 individuals who judge you against their personal perceptions and opinions on what a championship physique should look like. Yes, there are specific judging criteria, but on a World’s stage the competitors all look ridiculously perfect and similar, thus the results often boil down to personal preference. My advice would therefore be to compete only with yourself in mind and be healthy for you… that’s the whole point right?

To end off, I’m sure that you all probably want to know what my first victory cheat meal was after the show, right? After all that hard work I went all out – yes. I ate a pizza.


I have this client who has been a loyal follower and friend of the JVL method for years, and she has seen some truly amazing and inspiring results. As her last training session ended she turned her back to the mirror and softly uttered “bum check time!” This made me think… who is the judge of your body?






By: Eugene Nel

The farm lands and Lebanon forest outside Grabouw in the Western Cape changed from lush green to colours of the rainbow when more than 500 competitors and their families turned up for the first race in the annual Spur Adventure series

Others competed in the 20km mountain bike adventure whilst the Spur Bush Kids were taken on a guided adventure trail which included various natural obstacles. Back at the finish, the spectators relaxed under the cool shades of the pine forest whilst being entertained by competitors riding, running, walking and crawling over the finish line – amazing what some will do to get their picture taken…

Now in its 10th year the Spur Adventure series is the perfect way for friends, families and pets to get together and enjoy nature. With various categories, activities and different route options, this concept has proved unrivalled and with more families than ever taking part, the race organizers – Quantum Adventures – together with Spur Steak Ranches, are certainly achieving what they set out to do: promoting a healthy, active and out door life style.

The emphasis for the Spur Adventure series is focused on “fun, laughter and togetherness”.

The 2nd event in the series, presented by Quantum Adventures, kicks of on 13 Feb January at Oak Valley Estate, with the final on 27 March at Paul Cluver Estate – all in the Grabouw area of the Western Cape.

For more info on these visit


Supplied by Epilepsy South Africa

Exercise can relieve stress. As stress can be a common trigger of seizures in some people, exercise may help to prevent seizures for these individuals. Some people with epilepsy are afraid to undertake an exercise programme in case they hurt themselves during a seizure or trigger one. In fact, it is extremely rare for a person to have a seizure while exercising.

Exercise does not have to mean joining a gym or running in the park only. Walking or gardening are easy and safe and most people can do this.

Exercise is good for everyone, but people with epilepsy and their families are sometimes concerned about seizures during exercise. This fear often results in over-protection, feelings of isolation and unnecessary restrictions on activity. Overall fitness and a feeling of wellbeing have been shown to help reduce the frequency of seizures. The key is to find the exercise that feels right for you.

General Safety Considerations:
Before starting any new exercise programme, consult your doctor or specialist.
Avoid exercises that you know will trigger a seizure.
Always take your medication as prescribed by your specialist.
Stay well-hydrated and drink or snack on something with sugar in it.
Don’t continue exercising if you feel faint, lightheaded, nauseous or dehydrated.
Don’t overexert yourself – know your limits.
Make sure your coach and teammates are aware of your condition and know what to do if you have a seizure.
Wear a MedicAlert bracelet or pendant, so people can easily identify that you have epilepsy.
Always wear the protective gear that is required in your sport, such as a helmet, knee pads, etc.
Always wear a life jacket when involved in water sports.
Let family or friends know your walking, jogging or exercise route before you leave and how long you will be out.

Put a “buddy system” in place with someone who is responsible, aware of the epilepsy and is strong enough to carry out the necessary seizure first aid. The “buddy system” is used by adult scuba divers and is simply another precaution to ensure safety.

Adequate planning and precautions can allow persons with epilepsy to take part in a wide range of activities. So don’t limit yourself. Exercise and enjoy it, but remember to be sensible, consult your doctor and take the right precautions.


As Oral Health Awareness Month draws to a close oral hygienist, Vicky Gowar discusses the benefits of using xylitol for healthy teeth.

Xylitol to the rescue

Eating sugar and foods containing sugar creates a highly acidic environment in the mouth, which causes tooth decay. Fortunately, if you, like me have a sweet tooth, there is a safe, alternative option now available.

Xylitol is a natural, safe sweetener that is found in fibrous vegetables, fruit, corncobs and some hardwood trees. Our bodies also produce up to 15g daily. Although xylitol looks and (almost) tastes like sugar, it actually prevents tooth decay. It is a dental professional’s dream.

Unlike other sweeteners or sugar, xylitol has a five carbon structure which bacteria can’t break down and convert to acid. It is actually alkaline forming, like saliva, which helps to restore the correct pH balance in the mouth. It also stimulates saliva flow.

The mouth contains more than 400 strains of bacteria, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ kinds. Xylitol is antimicrobial (prevents bacteria growth) and promotes strengthening of tooth enamel.

Today, many dental products contain xylitol. It is recommended that you chew xylitol chewing gum after eating and drinking to prevent tooth decay. Xylitol sweets for children are also now available from your local health shop.

Research has been conducted on xylitol in more than 40 countries worldwide and I find the results astounding. Xylitol is not only tooth friendly but increases bone density, restores hormonal imbalances, stabilises blood sugar, lowers insulin levels, reduces blood pressure, lowers the risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, hot flushes, PMS etc. It also heals and repairs within the body, building immunity, protecting against chronic degenerative diseases and reducing ENT (ear, nose and throat) infections. It is even thought to have anti-ageing benefits.

Xylitol is metabolised in the body without the use of insulin. It is low GI (+/- 7) and has 40 % fewer calories and 75% fewer carbs than sugar, and thus can assist with weight-loss and helps to reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings. This makes it perfect for diabetics.

Also, xylitol doesn’t ‘rob’ the body of vital vitamins and minerals like sugar does. It has no known toxic levels, although if too much is consumed it can cause mild diarrhoea and cramping. It is, however, not recommended for pets. Do your teeth and body a favour – make an informed choice and change to xylitol today. Xylitol is available at many health shops and supermarkets around the country.


Keywords: fitness, Gym, Just Choose

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In a number of other sports the individual with the fastest time, or most points win on the day simply, whereas a fitness athlete’s fate lies in the hands of 10 individuals who judge you against their personal perceptions and opinions on what a championship physique should look like.


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