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By: Fish Africa  11-11-2011
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Chad and Lando have designed the ultimate lead heads based on decades of experimentation to find what size, weight, colour and pattern fish prefer.

These designs are meticulously hand cast, hand tied and hand painted with a 5 layer epoxy coat to ensure a tough and resilient outer finish.

Chad Alcock himself ties all of these lead heads with a superior quality bucktail in the shape and size that fish find irresistable.
These custom hand tied, lead heads are available in 1/4 quarterounce and 1/2 half ounce weights.

We have found that the 1/2 half ounce weight is the ideal all rounder whether you are fishing slow, medium or fast moving bodies of water.  The1/4 quarter ounce works best if you want to work the lead head very slowly in still or slow moving water. Both techniques can produce fish on different days it just depends on how the fish are feeding, it’s up to you to experiment. Both colour and weight play a big part and one will definately produce more fish on a particular day.

Quarter ounce, pointed, olive and white lead head

Half ounce, pointed, olive and white lead head

Half ounce, black and white lead head (ideal for overcast conditions)

Half ounce, pointed, yellow and white lead head

Half ounce, pointed, red and white lead head

Half ounce, pointed, Brown and white lead head

Keywords: Fish

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