PAS 121 Standard Fire Curtains

By: Fire Curtains  11-11-2011
Keywords: Curtain, Smoke, Fire Curtains

These retractable fire curtains meet the high standards of the PAS 121 specification and so can used as an alternative to partitions and doors. They are smoke and fire resistant to British Standards and provide 150 minutes of fire integrity and insulation.

This creates a low temperature zone on the safe side of the curtain, allowing people far more time to escape a fire in safety.

Features of our PAS 121 curtains include:

  • Built-in electronic circuitary to constantly scan the whole system and the state of the batteries. A buzzer sounds when the batteries are low or power is switched off.
  • A gravity fail safe panel that deploys the curtains even if there is no power. A buzzer will sound to tell you that there is no mains power to the system.
  • A sensor that detects the presence of an object in the descent path of the barrier and provides an audible signal.
  • Audio-visual warnings when the curtain is about to descend.
  • Override switches on both sides of the curtain that retract the curtain, pauses for 10 seconds so that occupants can escape and then lowers it again. So simple, even a small child can operate it.

The Smoke and Fire PAS 121 curtain is a complete system, giving you peace of mind knowing that your family and home is fully protected.

Keywords: Curtain, Fire Curtains, Smoke

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Site works are always tricky but if you need people who you can trust, these guys will assist you without fail.. They installed on site faultlessly and listened carefully both to site rule and also design requirements. They were accommodating with sequencing dates and any unforeseen changes to programme.


4 Hour Automatic Fire Curtains

This is a standard drop down curtain with a split drop delay so that it can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment. Hour Automatic Fire Curtains are certified to BSEN 1634 - 1:2000 after testing at the Warrington and Chiltern Fire Test Centre's. Overlapping curtains are used to protect larger areas - a single curtain can be a maximum of 6 metres long.


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Our Automatic Fire Curtains have been tested at the Warrington and Chiltern Fire Test Centre's and are certified to BS:476 Part 22 standard. They provide 60 minutes of continuous fire containment with a standard drop down system and a split drop delay. This means the curtain can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment. Each curtain is suspended on a single roller up to 6 metres wide.


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A variety of fixings are available such as self-tapping screws, galvanised mild steel angle or steel clips that are specifically designed to retain the curtain in place. Bottom Pocket hems are used at the bottom of the curtain to contain the steel rod which aids the stability of the curtain. Fabric and fittings are chosen depending on the application and where the curtain is to be installed.


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