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By: Finstate  11-11-2011

Medical Aid plays an important roll in the protection of a person’s lifestyle; many companies provide this as a benefit for employees. We are able to help you with selecting and maintaining the best medical aid for you and your family.

We use:

  • Discovery Health
  • Momentum Health
  • Resolution Health
  • Metropolitan Health
  • and Others as we see fit

If you would like advice on which medical aid is right for you, please complete this form:

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Financial Planning » Finstate

With an ever-changing economy, inflation and unstable interest rates now more than ever people need to be educated and serviced in the financial world. Financial planning is a continual process of evaluation, not just a once off task that one needs to do. People go through different stages in life, and thus the need for constant review.


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The Global Education Protector enables you to meet the actual costs of your child’s education – in South Africa and internationally. It is for parents who want to ensure that their children will have every opportunity to follow their dreams. Your children will have the opportunity to study at top international universities like Harvard and Oxford. For most families education is one of the most important and expensive monthly costs.