Finsettle Services Pty Ltd - Services

By: Finsettleconnect  11-11-2011

Custody and Settlement

We perform local Custody and Settlement Services for Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) members who elect to outsource these back office functions. We offer a full range of innovative solutions for listed and unlisted securities, together with the infrastructure and expertise to clear and settle securities quickly and efficiently. Clients are assured that these functions are performed for them in a controlled environment that complies with JSE Equities Rules and Directives.

Service contract terms

Our services are competitively priced, and based on flexible and appropriately structured contract and service level agreement terms. Contract prices are determined on an accurate assessment of client requirements and consider current and expected volumes, and time related expenses. Our economies of scale enable us to offer clients fair value pricing – this means a personalised tailored pricing policy, rather than a commoditised and singular price.