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By: Fin Fokus  11-11-2011

Marketing is as old as time. If you do not put your product out there, people will not know what services you are providing and thus not buy/use your services/products.

With our Marketing Department we would like to keep the public informed of all our Services/Products. Any specials events that FinFokus will be hosting and what is going on behind the scenes.

We also have a blog were we would like to keep the public informed, tell a few jokes and even cry together if that is called for. We are of course on Facebook (who isn’t?) But besides all the fun and games, there will be a lot of relevant information for both Employers/Employees and just the nosy once who likes to stay informed.

Human Resources
As there is a significant lack of personal and professional service in the recruitment field.  FinFokus, together with our Associate Sebele Recruitment Specialists (Pty) Ltd has a passion for placing the perfect candidate within well recognised organisations, not only to ensure that your business appoints the applicable candidate to maximise the company’s bottom line returns, but also to ensure that the candidate is placed in a professional working environment where his/her full potential and skills are utilised.

Not only do we offer recruitment services, but we are also in a position to offer companies Human Resourcing assistance.  We assess your current staff members, from the most junior position within the company, to your top line executives. 

Other products and services from Fin Fokus


FinFokus - AccFokus

Enhanced Bookkeeping Services include all Basic Bookkeeping Services plus custom reports that enable you to better analyze your revenue and expenses and quarterly budget reviews. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services We recognize that all companies are different, and we custom design the bookkeeping services we provide to meet your individual needs.


FinFokus - SalFokus

Small and medium-sized business owners realize that outsourcing payroll services is more effective and cost-efficient than doing it on their own. Payroll processing involves maintaining records accurately, calculating payroll taxes and handling of EFT's of employees on time. Skilled manpower at affordable prices By outsourcing a company saves on recruitment, training and other human resource costs.


FinFokus - SureFokus

We ensure that your current portfolio is utilized to the maximum advantage for you and your family.Excellent financial analysis programs are utilized to allow you to make a meaningful decision about your future.Accredited well trained staff, supports you as client with any enquiries and administrative problems.


FinFokus - TaxFokus

We have dedicated staff working with various tax-clients, from personal tax to companies’ tax and everything in between. Preparation and submission of first, second and third provisional tax returns. Registration for income tax, including provisional tax. Completion and submission of annual income tax returns. Preparation and submission of monthly PAYE. Registration for PAYE, SDL and UIF.