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By: Fidelity Bank  11-11-2011
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Fidelity Bank Plc is a recognized leader in liquidity management and investment products. 
Current global trends have compelled financial managers and treasurers to manage more cash than ever before in increasingly dynamic and complex portfolios. At the same time, they are expected to bring innovations to the strategic priorities of their organizations.

At Fidelity Bank we work with our clients to create an integrated liquidity and investment solution that enables them to optimize their cash portfolios and facilitate efficient allocation of resources. 

We offer individual, corporate, institutional and public sector treasurers a variety of solutions to meet their differing cash management requirements of security, liquidity and yield.

Our array of Treasury products and services includes;

  •  Fixed income (we are one of the licensed primary dealers and market makers in FGN Bonds)
  • Treasury Bills
  • Call Deposits
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Banker’s Acceptance
  • Commercial Papers
  • RDAS
  • Negotiable Duty Certificates rediscounting

We have a well equipped Treasury Department that actively trades in money market instruments such as Fx, bonds, commercial papers, bankers acceptance, treasury bills and SWAPS. Our unsurpassed experience provides our clients expert advice on portfolio selection, asset allocation and continuous portfolio rebalancing in line with market dictates with the sole aim of maximizing liquidity, safety and returns.

Our well distributed branch network facilitates efficient cash management and national pooling services that enable our clients to create a single, national cash position. This is powered by our state of the art technology that ensures that deposits at any of our branch offices are pooled into a single account. Obvious benefits include optimizing liquidity and maximizing funds for investment.

Our automated sweeps and direct placement capabilities give you access to a full complement of short-term instruments to a range of other money market securities. Clients can select investment options suited to different types of cash requirement including operating, strategic and reserve. Our investment strategies have consistently outperformed the market portfolio. As such we guarantee clients a yield of up to 18% p.a for a 90-day investment depending on market dictates.

Our strategic International Affiliations offer you access to offshore credit lines. Our partnership with major banks in the , , Africa, Europe and Asia gives us access to offshore lines in excess of US$400 million. Some of our correspondent banks include FBN Bank UK, Union Bank Plc UK, HSBC, Citibank, UBA, ANZ, Commerze Bank, Bank of Beirut, Deutsche Bank, Mashreq Bank Dubai and Nordea Bank. We are currently at an advanced stage of expanding our existing lines and signing new deals

As one of the nation’s premier banks we serve the needs of our clients by offering a world-class platform for intelligent advice. Our Treasury Sales team is readily available to talk on any of our products. Our exposure to both the local and international markets that ensure we go all out with you to make sure that your specific needs and objectives are matched with relevant products and financial solutions.

Why Choose Fidelity Bank Plc?

1. Expertise in Fund Management 
Years of in-depth knowledge of the market which ensures professional and efficient management of funds to optimize returns to stakeholders

2. Competitive Returns
We provide investors with sustainable long-term competitive rate of returns, by effectively managing risk within investors risk tolerance level to ensure a consistent performance.

3. Efficient Service
Convenient service
Online access to account information

4. Safety
Strong Asset base and well diversified portfolio

5. Research
Exclusive and well acclaimed research capabilities and research reports

6. Financial strength:
Our strong balance sheet, strong capital base and rigorous risk management policies provide a strong complement to our leadership in treasury management services.

FGN Bonds

Background of Federal Government of (FGN) Bonds

Fidelity Bank is an active trader on FGN Bonds

Benefits to the FGN Bond Holder

  • Tax free Income: interest received on FGN Bonds is not subject to withholding tax, company income tax, etc.
  • High and stable returns: Investors are assured of stable returns irrespective of movement in market interest rates.
  • Free from default risk: repayment is guaranteed by the weight of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Collateral for borrowing: certificates of FGN Bond can be used as collateral to raise financing.
  • Negotiability: it has a unique quality of being quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and can also be traded over the counter (OTC)

Treasury Bills Investment

Treasury Bills were the first money market instruments issued by CBN in April 1960 after the establishment of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) via an Act in 1958. They are government guaranteed instrument issued by the CBN to finance short term expenditure.

Benefits to a Treasury Bill Holder:

  • Tax free Income: interest received on T-Bills is not subject to withholding tax, company income tax, etc.
  • High and stable returns: Investors are assured of stable returns irrespective of movement in market interest rates.
  • Free from default risk: repayment is guaranteed by the weight of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Collateral for borrowing: Treasury bill certificates can be used as collateral against borrowing.
  • Negotiability: it can be rediscounted at anytime before maturity

Call Deposits
The flexibility of Fidelity bank Plc call account allows you to save and earn interest while having access to your funds.

Benefits & Features

  • Initial deposit of =N=100,000.00
  • 24 hours access to funds without attracting penal charges
  • Please note that this is subject to a 10% withholding tax

Fixed Deposit

We offer competitive interest rates on short-term money market deposits denominated in both local and foreign currencies.

Benefits & Features

  • We offer various tenors ranging from one month to one year
  • Minimum initial deposit of =N=50,000.00
  • Issued certificate can be used as collateral for loan
  • It offers a competitive high yield
  • Please note that this is subject to a 10% withholding tax

Bankers Acceptance

These are instruments drawn on and accepted by a bank unconditionally ordering payment of a certain sum of money at a specified time in future to the order of a designated party.

Benefits & Features

These are short-term debt instruments issued by companies to finance trade transactions which are then “accepted” by a bank.
Acceptance reduces the risk of the instrument to the investor since the accepting bank is the primary obligor:

They are issued and traded on a discount basis.

The discount rate offered will vary with the perceived risk of the accepting bank.

For a BA to be booked there has to be an underlying trade transaction.

BAs and CPs are classified as risk assets and therefore ineligible for Liquidity Ratio purposes.

Maximum tenor allowed is 180 days including rollovers.

Minimum initial deposit of =N=2,000,000.00

Although, as expected most of these instruments are denominated in Naira, there are also Commercial Papers and Certificates of Deposits denominated in Foreign Currency

Commercial Paper
Commercial Paper is unconditional promise by a person to pay to or to the order of another person a certain sum at a future date. They are short-term debt instruments, issued by companies to finance short-term working capital needs. Thus they are meant to be self-liquidating.

Benefits & Features

  • They are issued for Tenors of 180 Days or less.
  • Commercial Papers are issued and traded on a discount basis.
  • For a given amount and tenor, the discount rate on a CP will vary in direct proportion with the perceived risk and rating of the issuer

Attractive features are:

    •  Higher returns
    •  Liquidity; can be rediscounted if there is an active secondary market
    • Unlike straight Loans, CPs improve the liquidity of a bank’s balance sheet
    • They  are exempted from withholding tax
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