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By: Ffg  11-11-2011

A loyal employee is one that is well looked after

Within the corporate market the provision of employee benefits must meet the requirements of both the employer and the employee. One of the primary objectives of any employer is to be able to offer a total employee package which will assist in the recruitment, motivation and retention of high quality staff. Without meeting this objective it is difficult for any company to maintain a leading edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Numbers create savings: By combining employee's risk cover and savings in a fund, economics of scale can be derived resulting in more benefits for lower premiums. Clients are assured of the best group benefits available through our monitoring of products.

You are assured of the best group benefits currently available through close monitoring of products. Services include:

  • Funeral Fund: A Funeral Fund is administered on your behalf, offering what is believed to be the best value for money in the industry. The risk pool is carefully selected which keeps rates very competitive and negotiable.
  • Provident and Preservation Funds: Individual funds are managed on your behalf. Services also include advice on the formulation of fund rules, the structuring of fund benefits, taking into account all the relevant legislation and impending changes in the retirement and tax environment. Amongst our clients are major industry players in the professional services sector as well as in the motor manufacturing sector.
  • Pension and Retirement Funds: A specialist division exists within FFG, capable of handling pension and provident funds, both large and small. Experts that can assist in all fields, from actuarial services to administration and investment, are available. Specific products demonstrate our ability to be innovative and be leaders in this industry segment. We also have the ability to structure schemes, which optimize member and employer benefits, costs, and tax concessions.
  • Group Assurance: We provide efficient administration and outstanding rates for Group Life, Income Protection, Disability and Dread Disease Group Schemes.
  • Prima Cover Plus: Designed in collaboration with the underwriter, Metropolitan Employee Benefits, this product is aimed at small employer groups who fit the specified risk profile. By leveraging the economies of scale, we offer reduced premiums and elevated medical free limits. Premium paybacks are based on a loyalty plan.

We assist you in addressing your employee’s needs.

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FFG | Healthcare

Healthcare advice is based on thorough needs analyses and products include Medical Funds and Medical Insurance, ranging from comprehensive to hospital plans, as well as pre-funding for individuals and companies. The Discovery Health prestige award for their top-broker in South Africa has been awarded to us twice, and we are currently offering a comprehensive a comprehensive one-stop, one-call service.