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By: Feeders Supply Co  11-11-2011
Keywords: animals, Dogs

The pets in our lives need a lot of attention! And whether you are shopping for dogs, cats, caged & wild birds, small animals, reptiles, wildlife and more, you will find a variety of supplies to fill all of your pet's needs.
We carry the essentials such as a wide variety of collars and leashes, food dishes, a large array of cleaners in case of "accidents", and of course toys and treats. We carry pond and aquarium needs as well as food, plants, and decorations. We also have cages, bedding, and toys for small animals and birds.

For cats and dogs, grooming tools including shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, shedding tools, electric clippers, and nail clippers are available. (The breed of pet you have can greatly affect your choice of tools, so please ask an associate if you need assistance). Dental hygiene is just as important for pets as for people and Feeders offers a complete line of dental care including toothbrushes, toothpaste, breath spray, and breath mints.

Flea control is almost always in high demand and Feeders Supply stores offer collars, dips, shampoos, and spot-on treatments to protect your pets; and flea sprays, foggers, powders, and yard sprays to protect your home and yard. Bring your pet in on a leash and enjoy your shopping experience together!

Keywords: animals, Dogs