TURKEY FEATHERS: The Feather Place

By: Feather Place  11-11-2011

TURKEY FEATHERS are one of our top economical products. They are a favorite for arts and crafts (craft, art Supplies). Uses are limitless, and available in a wide variety of eye catching colors. Turkey feathers have also become a favorite of party and event planners, widely used instead of confetti. They are available loose or strung together. For your convenience we have this product available by the pound or pre-packaged (packaged feathers) for those smaller projects. So plan your big event or small weekend project with our feathers; we are sure to have something for everyone.

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CHANDELLE: The Feather Place

The chandelle feather boas are a popular adornment for Halloween costumes, millinery design and many types of events from weddings, to charity events, birthday parties, proms and can even be found on the Vegas strip wrapped around brides to be celebrating their bachelorette parties. Chandelle feather boas can be cut to different sizes to create whatever look you need for your project without worries of the feather boa coming apart.



We offer many types of ostrich feathers, drabs, femina, spads, nandus and floss, in many stock colors by the dozen or by the pound. Ostrich feathers are the most elegant and luxurious feathers available. We also have custom dyeing available.


GOOSE: The Feather Place

Nagoire is a French name for a goose feather, these feathers have a con caved shape, resembles a flower petal and can be used in bridal arrangements, wedding decor. Goose coquille, is a smaller feather approximately 3-5 inches in length and available in a large assortment of colors. Goose pallettes are 7.5-9 inches available by custom order only 4 pound minimum per color. Goose satinettes and pallettes, look similar.


DUCK & PIGEON: The Feather Place

Duck feathers are available in whole wings, were the skin has been tanned and the wing is intact, available left and right, great for taxidermy. First let us start by telling you that duck feathers are a bi-product from the poultry and fowl industry. Duck feathers are available in 3/4 inch a stiff feather great for mask making and arts and crafts. Duck pointers come in natural half white, natural grey and dyed black or white.



Known in the industry by many different names, such as coque, hackle, saddles and schalappens, they are all Rooster feathers, available natural and dyed. Natural feathers with their rich and rustic colors can be found in almost any decor (home decor). Rooster feathers in pure white or dyed can be found in party decor from formal to casual.



The natural iridescent Peacock feather eyes are the most well known, with its arrangement of deep iridescent green color and striking "eye" pattern at the tip that exhibits hues of brilliant blue, green, amber and purple. As in most type of feathers, the male Peacock feathers are stunning, while the female Peacock feathers are in natural brown tones.



The sleek shape and bold, somewhat geometrical markings, lend a somewhat more masculine touch to dried floral or silk floral arrangements and the Pheasant feathers alone can be used to make an elegant and striking display.