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By: Fds Group  11-11-2011

With our vast expertise we will take any viable business idea into a plan that will satisfy any financier's questions.

The business plan consist of a proper narrated story of the idea, concept and strategy to be followed. With a 12-month cashflow analysis, a profit and loss analysis as well as a trial balance and balance sheet. These can be extended to include 5- and even 10-year financials.We do not know every industry's secrets nor all the ins and outs, but we do know which questions to ask to ensure that the plan is sound-proof and can withstand scrutiny.

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FDS Group | Financial Directive Services - SBManagement

This, we can supply, and the business owner decides how far he/she wants to be involved.Reflection on our success lies with our associates and affiliates.This service is tailored to the individual clients and depends on what is required. This is a service where we assist the small business owner to excel in his/her field of expertise and we ensure that he/she stays in business. In many cases all that is required is guidance.